Promoting equality and human dignity

PCF activities

Specific objective: achieve progress in the elimination of all forms of violence and discrimination against women


  • in each of the five Eastern Partnership countries, national research studies are developed, and specific legal and procedural, as well as socio-economic and cultural, obstacles to women’s access to justice are identified
  • recommendations are formulated for possible further development of national standards for women’s access to justice, including in the field of data collection
  • the capacity of Eastern Partnership countries to design measures to ensure that the justice chain is gender-responsive and addresses the needs of the most disadvantaged women (poor, illiterate, from rural areas, minorities and disabled), is enhanced
  • professionals involved at the different stages of the justice chain (judges, prosecutors, lawyers, law enforcement) have improved knowledge and skills on gender equality, women’s rights and non-discrimination.
  • gender equality advocates of the civil society have better access to knowledge and resources for the legal empowerment of women.