Electoral assistance - reforming electoral legislation and practice


Specific objective 1: align electoral legislation and its implementation with the principles of the European electoral heritage


  • electoral legislation that meets international standards is adopted;
  • shortcomings in the electoral practice are identified;
  • legislation on elections and/or political parties is amended in conformity with international standards;
  • institutional and operational capacity of election administration to organise electoral process in line with Council of Europe standards is enhanced.


Specific objective 2: ensure that electoral practice is compliant with the principles of the European electoral heritage


  • shortcomings in the electoral practice are identified and measures to address them are taken;
  • the institutional set-up and capacity development of electoral management bodies is strengthened;
  • electoral justice is enhanced through better quality of complaints;
  • domestic observation becomes professional and domestic observers fully aware of Council of Europe and other international election standards;
  • civic and voter education is enhanced through increased participation of women, minorities and other disadvantaged groups as voters and candidates;
  • awareness of Council of Europe relevant standards in the areas of democratic elections is increased among the members of Parliaments and parliamentary staff of Eastern Partnership countries. Members of parliaments and parliamentary staff improve their understanding of the amendments to be adopted in the national legislation on elections and political parties.