Pedagogical institutions to take the leading role in the dissemination of democratic school culture in Bosnia and Herzegovina

18 May 2023 Jahorina

Representatives of pedagogical institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) including the Republican Pedagogical Institute of Republika Srpska, cantonal pedagogical institutes as well as the Pedagogical Institution of Brčko District participated in the joint meeting organised by the joint...

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Кључне институције и актери у Србији поставили темеље за своју будућу сарадњу и посвећеност унапређењу слободе изражавања и медија

22 May 2023 Belgrade

The inaugural Steering Committee meeting for the action "Protecting freedom of expression and of the media in Serbia (PROFREX-S)" took place on 22 May in Belgrade. This action is an important initiative promoting freedom of expression and of the media, supported by the European Union and the...

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Važnost demokratskog građanstva i inkluzivnog obrazovanja naglašena na konferenciji u Podgorici

24. maj 2023. Podgorica

Značaj demokratskog građanstva i inkluzivnog obrazovanja u podsticanju socijalne kohezije, aktivne participacije i jednakih mogućnosti za sve učesnike obrazovnog sistema, naglašen je na konferenciji „Demokratsko građanstvo i inkluzivno obrazovanje“. Konferencija je održana danas u Podgorici, u...

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Јавни позив за услуге спровођења истраживања о односу грађана и органа власти према дискриминацији у Србији

24 Мay 2023 Serbia

Within the framework of the joint European Union/Council of Europe programme “Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Türkiye”, the Council of Europe is currently implementing the action on “Combating discrimination and promoting diversity in Serbia”. In that context, it is looking for a...

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Action against economic crime contributes to anti-corruption legislative reform in Montenegro

24 April 2023 Podgorica

Supporting the better alignment of the corruption prevention framework in Montenegro with the European standards, the Action against economic crime has produced an analysis of the provisions of the Law for Prevention of Corruption as regards to whistleblowing, integrity plans, and administrative...

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Representatives of state institutions reaffirm their commitment to co-operation in improving the fight against corruption and money laundering in Montenegro

21 April 2023 Podgorica

Building upon the results from previous two phases of the Horizontal Facility programme, the third phase of the Action against economic crime in seeks to improve the rule of law in Montenegro. It will be using and effectively applying the numerous new policy and legislative tools developed...

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NAJAVA ZA MEDIJE: Konferencija o demokratskom građanstvu i inkluzivnom obrazovanju održaće se u Podgorici

19. maj 2023. Podgorica

Konferencija pod nazivom „Demokratsko građanstvo i inkluzivno obrazovanje", koja se organizuje u sklopu zajedničkog projekta Evropske unije i Savjeta Evrope „Kvalitetno obrazovanje za sve“, održaće se u srijedu, 24. maja, sa početkom u 09:30 sati u hotelu CUE u Podgorici. Učesnicima će se uvodnom...

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Senior police officials in Bosnia and Herzegovina intensify efforts to prevent and respond to ill-treatment

16 - 17 May 2023 Mostar

Different ways to prevent impunity and promptly respond to allegations of ill-treatment while ensuring that rights of detainees are properly protected throughout the deprivation of liberty were the key issues discussed at the meeting of 52 most senior police officials at the meeting held on 16-17...

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Sudije, sutkinje i državni tužioci i tužiteljke u Crnoj Gori unapređuju svoja znanja o sudskoj i tužilačkoj etici i disciplinskoj odgovornosti

16 - 17. maj 2023. Podgorica

Sa ciljem promovisanja etike i profesionalnih standarda u pravosuđu, u Podgorici je 16. i 17. maja 2023. godine u saradnji sa Centrom za obuku u sudstvu i državnom tužilaštvu održana dvodnevna radionica za sudije/sutkinje i državne tužioce/državne tužiteljke. Radionica predstavlja dio Programa...

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Improving the capacities of public actors in North Macedonia concerning cases of domestic and gender-based violence and cases where children are involved

18 May 2023 Ohrid

A three day capacity building activities on access to justice in cases of domestic and gender-based violence and cases where children are involved was conducted for 50 employees of the Regional Offices of the Ministry of Justice, Centers for Social Work and the Ministry of Interior. The training...

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High-level discussions in Serbia on the way to move forward towards the rapid execution of the Court judgments related to Serbia

8 May 2023 Belgrade

The Council of Europe’s Director of Human Rights, representatives of the Execution Department, the Court Registry and the Co-operation Programme Division of the Council of Europe had a high-level exchange in Belgrade with the Minister of Justice and the representatives of the Ministry of Finance...

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Round table on the execution of the judgment concerning missing babies in Serbia

9 May 2023 Belgrade

A roundtable focusing on the execution of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) judgment in the case of Zorica Jovanović took place in Belgrade on 9 May. The roundtable focused on the authorities’ failure to provide persons concerned with credible information as to the fate of their new-born...

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Improvement of quality education remains a priority for the education authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

11 May 2023 Sarajevo

Bosnia and Herzegovina continues its commitment to implement agreed education reforms with the support of the European Union (EU) and the Council of Europe (CoE), as reiterated during the first Advisory Board meeting of the new phase of the “Quality education for all” action, held in Sarajevo on...

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Оснажени капацитети инспектора и инспекторки рада у Србији за откривање трговине људима у сврху радне експлоатације

10 – 12 May 2023 Vrdnik

Twenty-two newly employed labour inspectors in Serbia successfully completed the two-day workshop on preventing and combating trafficking in human beings for the purpose of labour exploitation, organised by the joint European Union and Council of Europe action “Strengthening anti-trafficking...

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High Judicial and Prosecutorial Councils enhance their inter-institutional cooperation and implementation of CEPEJ tools


In the frame of the Albanian Justice Day, senior representatives and staff of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Councils gathered in a high level event in Korça. Supported by the European Union and the Council of Europe action SEJ IV, the purpose of the event was to enhance their...

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Looking for local consultants on women’s access to justice in the Western Balkans

Do you have experience in research, capacity building and awareness raising on access to justice and violence against women and domestic violence? Do you have a sound knowledge of gender equality issues? Are you familiar with the Western Balkans context? The Council of Europe Gender Equality...

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Javni poziv: konsultantske usluge u oblasti pravosuđa, odnosno nezavisnosti i odgovornosti u pravosudnom sistemu i zaštite prava žrtava u Crnoj Gori

11. maj 2023. Crna Gora

U okviru zajedničkog programa Evropske unije i Savjeta Evrope „Horizontal Facility za Zapadni Balkan i Tursku“, sprovodi se projekat „Osnaživanje odgovornosti u pravosudnom sistemu i unapređenje prava žrtava u Crnoj Gori“. U okviru ovog projekta objavljen je javni poziv za pružanje konsultantskih...

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Apply for our summer seminar on combating discrimination and hate speech in Ohrid

10 May 2023 North Macedonia

The Council of Europe Programme Office in Skopje, in the framework of the EU and Council of Europe joint programmes Horizontal Facility III and ROMACTED Programme Phase II, have the pleasure to invite all young people from North Macedonia to apply for our Summer seminar on “Combating...

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Upholding human rights and rule of law: 110th anniversary of the Albanian Supreme Court marked in Tirana

10 May 2023 Tirana

Supreme Courts have a fundamental indispensable role in the process of harmonising national judicial practice with international standards and addressing current justice reform challenges in the EU integration process. This was the key message of the international conference organised today in...

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Celebrating International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia in Albania

09 May 2023 Albania

The International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia - 17 May, was established in 2004 to draw the attention to the violence and discrimination experienced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex persons. Young people in particular often face the challenge of being...

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