The European Union and Council of Europe joint programme Partnership for Good Governance continues with the work on countering economic crime aiming at:

  • supporting further improvements of the legislative and institutional framework against corruption, money laundering and economic crime, ensuring the effectiveness of its implementation.
  • implementing institutional reforms to enhance capacities of national authorities to prevent and combat corruption, money laundering and terrorism financing in line with European and international standards.
  • improving the level of effectiveness of the anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism measures.
  • consolidating the capacities of dedicated structures in the field of asset recovery and parallel financial investigations.
  • strengthening the national anti-money laundering (AML), counter-terrorist financing (CTF) and counter-proliferation financing (CPF) system as well as asset recovery regime.
  • strengthening the capacities of relevant institutions in the Eastern Partnership region to effectively fight economic crime and its cross-border effects by applying international standards, building on regional good practices, and through multi-stakeholder engagement and enhanced cooperation.

The third phase of the Partnership for Good Governance includes five country-specific and one regional projects implemented in this thematic area, most of them in continuation of the previous phases and built on their results achieved so far.

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List of Partnership for Good Governance projects on countering economic crime


Enhancing national capacities for effective prevention and fight against economic crime in Armenia

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Preventing and fighting economic crime in Azerbaijan

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Consolidating and enhancing the institutional and operational frameworks for the prevention and combating of corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing in Georgia

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Enhancing the anti-money laundering and asset recovery regime in the Republic of Moldova

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Enhancing anti-money laundering, counter terrorist financing and asset recovery regime in Ukraine

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Strengthening measures to prevent and combat economic crime in the Eastern Partnership region

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