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High-level conference on strengthening the effectiveness of international co-operation in fighting transnational organised crime

26-27 April 2024 Yerevan, Armenia

The two-day international conference “Strengthening the effectiveness of international co-operation in fighting transnational organised crime”, served as a platform and an opportunity to share challenges prosecutors face in specific, complex cases, including those addressing the confiscation of...

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Exchange of experience on corruption risk assessment and management between Eastern Partnership countries

22-23 January 2024 Strasbourg, France

The Eastern Partnership countries have advanced substantially in regulating corruption risk assessment and management processes by designing internal tools and legislative frameworks. Though some countries use more advanced tools and have established clear mandates in this field, others have...

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Azerbaijani authorities examine techniques to prevent and combat money laundering schemes associated with new payment methods

29-30 November 2023 Baku, Azerbaijan

The landscape of the traditional financial system continues to change with the rise of crypto assets. This drives the crucial need for further enhancement of the investigation and prosecution against the increasingly sophisticated money laundering schemes employed by criminals to obfuscate the...

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Supporting the launch of an awareness-raising initiative by the Armenian Ministry of Justice on the protection of whistleblowers


Financial support was provided to the Ministry of Justice of Armenia to launch an awareness raising initiative on the protection of whistleblowers. The Partnership for Good Governance project will work closely with the national authorities of the country, to support the implementation of several...

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National authorities in Azerbaijan strengthen capacities towards effective implementation of targeted financial sanctions

13-14 November 2023 Baku, Azerbaijan

Targeted financial sanctions are a key tool to prevent and suppress the financing of terrorism and proliferation. Azerbaijan has enhanced their efforts in this area, by adopting a new law on targeted financial sanctions and developing guidelines for its effective implementation. With the aim to...

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Advancing prosecution and adjudication of money laundering cases in Azerbaijan

19-20 September 2023 Baku, Azerbaijan

Bilateral meetings were organised with national authorities in Azerbaijan to advance the prosecution and adjudication of money laundering and asset recovery cases. Discussions were held with the Supreme Court, the General Prosecutor's Office, the Anti-Corruption General Directorate under the...

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Judges, prosecutors and investigators in Azerbaijan trained further in processing money laundering cases

18-19 September 2023 Baku, Azerbaijan

Effectively addressing money laundering and confiscating criminal proceeds was the focus of the two-day workshop organised for judges, investigators, prosecutors, and financial intelligence practitioners. This workshop supports the training programme for judges and prosecutors at the request of...

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Internal practices for assessment and management of corruption risks in state institutions discussed in Azerbaijan

28 August 2023 Azerbaijan

National authorities of Azerbaijan advanced in their policy reforms to introduce internal practices for the assessment and management of corruption risks in state institutions through the support provided by the project. Framing a corruption risk assessment and management methodology as part of a...

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New project in the field of anti-corruption and anti-money laundering launched in Azerbaijan

12 April 2023 Baku

The first Technical Committee Meeting was convened to launch a new project in the field of anti-corruption and anti-money laundering in Azerbaijan, within the third phase of the European Union and the Council of Europe Partnership for Good Governance Programme. The meeting brought together...

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New project to fight money laundering and enhance the asset recovery regime launched in the Republic of Moldova

29 March 2023 Chisinau

The Council of Europe and the European Union launched, in co-operation with national partners, the project "Enhancing the anti-money laundering and asset recovery regime in the Republic of Moldova", part of the third phase of the Partnership for Good Governance. The project’s kick-off and first...

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Improving financial investigations to better fight economic crime in Armenia

20-23 February 2023 Yerevan

The Armenian authorities have set the fight against corruption and other economic crimes as a top national priority, and undertaken major legislative and institutional reforms in this direction. These include the establishment of a dedicated chain of Law enforcement and criminal justice...

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Integrity Officers to support the application of Rules of Conduct by public servants in Armenia

20-23 February 2023 Yerevan

Following the adoption of the Model Code of Conduct for Public Servants in Armenia in 2022, the Corruption Prevention Commission has moved on to actively promote its application by all public institutions of the country, with support from the Council of Europe. The steps undertaken for the...

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Armenian banks and payment institutions discuss risks related to virtual assets and how to address them

10 February 2023 Yerevan

Representatives of the Central Bank of Armenia, including the Financial Monitoring Center of the Central Bank, and the private sector, in particular banks and payment institutions, participated in a workshop on “Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Risks related to Virtual Assets and the...

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Azerbaijani law enforcement and judiciary enhance their knowledge on latest confiscation mechanisms

20-21 December 2022 Baku

A workshop on the latest mechanisms for confiscation of proceeds from crime was organised for 39 prosecutors, investigators, judges, financial intelligence and other law enforcement practitioners in Azerbaijan. The workshop aimed to reinforce their knowledge and skills on the types and techniques...

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Workshop on risk-based regulation and supervision of the virtual assets sector in Armenia

24-25 October 2022 Yerevan

Representatives of the Central Bank of Armenia, including the Financial Monitoring Centre within the Central Bank, participated in a workshop on risk-based Anti-Money Laundering/Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) regulation and supervision in the area of virtual assets, organised in...

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Workshop on comparative solutions and good practices for Financial Intelligence Units on strategic and operational analysis

20-22 September 2022 Strasbourg

Representatives of the Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) of the beneficiary countries participated in the international workshop on “Comparative Solutions and Good Practices for Financial Intelligence Units on Strategic and Operational Analysis” organised by the Economic Crime and Cooperation...

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The integrity of Moldovan self-administrative bodies of judges and prosecutors supported through enhanced open-source investigation

21 July 2022 Republic of Moldova

Responding to a country-specific request from the pre-vetting Secretariat of the Republic of Moldova, the joint European Union, and Council of Europe regional project “Strengthening measures to prevent and combat economic crime” offered a training on open-source investigation and web crawling to...

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Model rules of conduct for all Armenian public servants adopted - implementation by institutions to follow

4 July 2022 Armenia

The Council of Europe and the Corruption Prevention Commission of the Republic of Armenia jointly organised a “High-level Conference on the Model Code of Conduct for Public Servants in Armenia” on 4th July in Yerevann, Armenia. The conference concludes and complements the process of development...

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Training for Ukrainian judges on seizure and confiscation ready to be rolled-out throughout the country

29 June 2022 Ukraine

In co-operation with the National School of Judges of Ukraine (NSJU), a training on seizure and confiscation for Ukrainian criminal judges, both from district and appellate courts, took place online on June 29 with over 85 participants. This training built on previous activities delivered jointly...

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The Insurance Sector and financial intelligence unit in Georgia advance cooperation for effective compliance against economic crime

23-24 June 2022 Georgia

In cooperation with the Insurance State Supervision Service of Georgia, a two-day training on “Anti-money laundering/countering financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) compliance” was organised specifically designed for the insurance sector. The training was part of a series of activities to support the...

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