Raising awareness of the benefits of inclusive education for the general public as well as decision makers

The Project will launch a high-visibility campaign to promote inclusive education and to highlight its added value for the education systems, for learners and for societies in general across the region. The campaign will also aim to fight negative attitudes, stereotypes and prejudices (of the general public and of professional communities) that hamper intercultural dialogue and inclusive approaches in education.

The underlying goal is to provide young people from marginalized and mainstreamed communities with positive messages that encourage active civic participation, tolerance, mutual understanding, and moderation. These multi-layered awareness-raising actions will aim to weave together elements of teaching in the classroom, interaction among school professionals and the community around.

The activities under this component will target two different groups: within the general public, the project will not only target the minority groups themselves, but also place a particular emphasis on sensitising majority groups (parents, media, public servants, pupils/students and others). Within the professional educational community, target groups will include ministries, teachers, professional associations, unions, school professional staff, and universities.

The project will convey to the wider public the messages of tolerance, acceptance, openness, empathy and respect.  For the education community, the message will also be conveyed that not only can they promote inclusive education, but they must do it by highlighting its added value for the education systems, for learners and for societies in general across the region.

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Inclusive Day on 3rd October in seven capitals in South East Europe


Children, parents and teachers from 49 schools will gather in the main squares of seven capitals in South East Europe, to raise awareness on the benefits of inclusive education on 3 October 2015, at noon. 

Awareness-raising events for the Joint European Union andCouncil of Europe project “Regional Support for Inclusive education" in South East Europe, to support the positive practice of 49 pilot schools implementing inclusive education projects and to encourage other schools to create inclusive school environments. 

Policy-makers, experts, teachers, pupils and parents, and all members of the three Networks created by the project team to stimulate greater regional cooperation on inclusive education will also take part in the events. Pupils from the host pilot school will perform a cultural programme for the general public.

The project has already generated radio and TV educational series, as well as video clips with regional celebrities, aiming to promote inclusive education and relevant inclusive policies and practices in the formal pre-university education system in South East Europe.

The events due to happen in Tirana, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Podgorica, Belgrade, Skopje and Pristina and will create a strong synergy effect since they will be held on the same day and at the same time. All events will be open for the media and for the general public.

The events will take place at the following addresses and we look forward to seeing you there:

  • Vellezerit Frasheri Square, Tirana
  • BBI Center, Sarajevo
  • Europski Trg, Zagreb
  • Trg Republike, Podgorica
  • Kalemegdan, Belgrade
  • Jadran Square, Skopje
  • Zahir Pajaziti Bulevard, Pristina

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Tender on awareness campaign

Call for Tenders on development and implementation of awareness campaign has been published on the CoE website and is now closed. Detail information can be obtained on the following link:

Development and implementation of awareness campaign to support inclusive education in South East Europe