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JUSTROM3 continues the activity: voices from the frontline of the coronavirus crisis


The Coronavirus crisis has led all consultants to focus on health issues, taking into account the particular issues Roma communities are facing during this critical period, the additional disadvantages and discrimination they face and urging the local and national authorities to provide public...

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Public awareness regarding Roma issues during COVID-19 pandemic on radio programme and newspaper in Greece

12-18 April 2020 Athens, Greece

On Sunday 12 April 2020, the national coordinator of JUSTROM Greece, Mr Christos Iliadis, together with the legal consultant, Mrs Alexandra Karagianni, participated in a radio programme run by the Hellenic League of Human Rights, the oldest and most prestigious human rights organisation in...

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Online university lectures delivered by JUSTROM Italy consultants

15 April 2020 Rome, Italy

JUSTROM consultants are active in promoting the International and European standards on different matters concerning respect for human rights, non-discrimination and Roma issues. Online lectures at universities is one type of solution that came out of the current pandemic and that proves to be...

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International Roma Day 8 April 2020

8 April 2020 Strasbourg, France

Dear Roma from all over the world, Today we celebrate International Roma day and despite the crisis the world is facing, we need to be stronger, more united and more resilient than ever. Roma have their International Day to celebrate their history and culture but also to remind the world of the...

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COVID-19 Outbreak - JUSTROM3 continues to assist Roma women

5 April, 2020 Bucharest, Romania

During this critical period, JUSTROM3 programme is pursuing its activities and the forty consultants engaged in the framework of the programme continue their work with full commitment, re-shaping some activities in line with the overall purpose of JUSTROM3 and with a focus on access to health:...

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Induction Course

10-14 February 2020 Strasbourg, France

The first major event of the JP EU/CoE programme JUSTROM3 - an Induction course for JUSTROM3 consultants took place from 10-14 February 2020 at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg, France. All consultants contracted for the project met and exchanged ideas on the implementation of the project....

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Awareness raising gathering in Strazhitsa Municipality

5 February 2020 Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

On 5 February an awareness raising gathering on JUSTROM3 was held in the social care building. Mayor of the Municipality Rumen Pavlov assisted the meeting, for which the team from Veliko Tarnovo thanked him for his joint work. During the interview, the JUSTROM3 programme was presented to parents...

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Call for tenders for the provision of Consultancy Services on Access to Justice for Roma Women in Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and Romania

9 October 2019 Strasbourg, France

Within the framework of the Joint EU/CoE project JUSTROM3 “Roma Women’s Access to Justice”, the Council of Europe has launched a Call for Tenders (National Coordinators, Consultants with legal expertise and Facilitators) for the provision of consultancy services on Access to Justice for Roma...

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