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Collaboration between academia and JUSTROM was enhanced during COVID-19 pandemic

The JUSTROM programme has collaborated with various universities in its previous phases and one main focus is to continue this cooperation throughout the implementation of JUSTROM3.
Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Romania April-May 2020
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The aim of the collaboration between JUSTROM and universities is to develop training opportunities and to enhance access to training on topics such as anti-discrimination, gender equality, Roma issues and ECHR standards and case laws. 

Online courses are one of the flexible solutions while the world is on social distance, and the specific collaboration between JUSTROM and universities was enhanced during the pandemic as a result of specific national needs and requests that become even more visible when it comes to Roma communities. Lectures on human rights, Roma as a minority and representation of Roma in the online sphere are topics that grew more and more relevant in the current sanitary crisis as a need to raise awareness on anti-discrimination of Roma communities.

 In Bulgaria, on 23 April 2020, Ms Dilyana Giteva, JUSTROM national coordinator, delivered an online presentation about Human Rights during the State of Emergency on the platform of the Center for the Training of Lawyers Krustyo Tsonchev (CTL) of the Supreme Bar Council in Bulgaria. The presentation, extremely relevant given the current context, had more than 2400 views. The CTL has been a partner of JUSTROM since the first phase of the programme. They have been hosting various trainings for lawyers organised in the framework of JUSTROM programme. JUSTROM3 Bulgaria consultants are pleased to have CTL on board and are looking forward to further cooperation in the pursuit of the common goal of ensuring access to justice for Roma women. The presentation can be watched here.

 On 13 May 2020, two of JUSTROM3 Greece consultants, Mr Christos Iliadis - national coordinator and Ms Alexandra Karagianni - legal consultant delivered an online lecture on Roma in Greece: a non-minority within the undergraduate course by Professor Dimitris Christopoulos at Panteion University of Athens on Minorities in Europe. Among others, they covered topics such as methodological approaches on the study of Roma, historical presence in Greece, relations with the state, the European and Greek dimensions of the issue, differences within the communities, main barriers of access to rights and prospects for inclusion and empowerment. 45 students participated actively at this online session.

 Several online lectures took place in Italy since the beginning of JUSTROM3 implementation in partnership with several universities. 

  • On 19 February 2020, Ms Giulia Perin, legal consultant, delivered Module at LUMSA University in Rome on Immigration Law and JUSTROM good practices.
  • On 15 April 2020, Ms Maja Bova, national coordinator, took part at an online lecture within the framework of the Immigration Course at LUMSA university in Rome. More information can be found here. As a follow up, another brief session took place on 13 May 2020 to discuss and provide feedback to students on their replies to a specific questionnaire submitted in the meantime (21 out of 33 students replied to it).
  • On 30 April 2020, Ms Giulia Perin, legal consultant, presented an online session on statelessness at Federico II University in Naples in partnership with UNCHR.
  • On 7 May 2020, Ms Maja Bova, national coordinator, delivered a webinar on international and regional HR standards (GRETA and GREVIO included) and non-discrimination principle with the study of some cases at Federico II University in Naples.
  • On 14 May 2020, Mr Valerio Maione, legal consultant, delivered a webinar on access to justice for Roma and concrete cases (incident technique) at Federico II University in Naples.
  • On 21 May 2020, Mr Valerio Maione, legal consultant, participated as a speaker in a webinar organised by the thematic group on Cultural diversity of the Italian Society of International and EU Law on the Impact of COVID-19 emergency on the Roma Community in Naples.

 On 7 May 2020, JUSTROM3 Romania consultants, in collaboration with the Ecological University of Bucharest, delivered a webinar on the Representation of the Roma community in the media/online during the state of emergency in Romania for the students at the Faculty of Communication Sciences. There were 33 participants in total and the topics covered Roma issues, freedom of expression and hate speech, discrimination, etc. More details about the webinar can be read here.