The objectives of this Sub-project 2 are to respond to some of the challenges highlighted by the TRV Compliance with Commitments project reports, by providing advice, training and guidance.



Following the recommendations identified by the Standing Committee’s expert teams during recent monitoring exercises in Romania (2012), Croatia (2013) and Slovak Republic (2014), three different country-specific action plans should be prepared on how to develop and implement integrated approach in these countries and ensure effective co-operation and co-ordination of activities of all stakeholders involved. Within this sub-project, the thematic chosen for the countries will respectively target:

 Romania – promoting the notion of “Safety as priority” and promoting the integrated safety, security and service approach at football matches (Sub-project 3);

 Croatia – promoting dialogue between clubs and their supporters through a pilot project with 2 major clubs of the country (Sub-project 4);

 Slovak Republic – strengthening legal framework and improving a strategic coordination of an integrated approach (Sub-project 5).