SP4 - NFIP Website

Feasibility Study on the possible hosting of the NFIP website on the Council of Europe Sport website

The Sub-project 4 will include the analysis of the existing National Football Information Point (NFIP) website to assess the feasibility of hosting the website on the Council of Europe Sport website. The NFIP website is currently hosted by the Dutch NFIP and operated by a private company in the Netherlands.

The NFIP website is one of the most important tools of the network designed to facilitate international police cooperation. The website is a secured one, designated to the exchange of information between the NFIP’s members of the network. The information exchange is general and it refers to risk associated to football matches with an international dimension (Europa League, Champions League, World Cup and EURO Qualifiers, international friendly matches, etc.). No private data on supporters are included. The website comprises pre-match assessments and post-match reports; club team overviews, contact list of the NFIP’s, relevant pieces of legislation, etc. 

Due to the age of the technology of the existing website (the IT design is more than 10 years old) it is at risk of crashing at any time and the NFIP network has an urgent need to find a new hosting place and to update the website architecture.