Preparation of the data collection campaign and development of materials (awareness-raising and capacity building resources) 


 1st quarter 2019

Training seminars arranged on a regional basis (Northern Europe, Southern Europe and Eastern Europe), dedicated to public authorities responsible for sport and national Olympic committees or national sport confederations of the partner countries


1st & 2nd quarters 2019

Data collection campaign in the 19 partner countries


3rd quarter 2019  

Analysis, reporting and publication of the data


The Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport of the Council of Europe is responsible for the implementation of the ALL IN project. A total of 19 countries have expressed an interest in taking an active role in the project and have confirmed their readiness to participate in the data collection campaign.

The ALL IN project will be run in close collaboration with important partners from public authorities, sports organisations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and networks, and gender equality experts, who will all provide their expertise. They will be involved in various stages of the project and its activities.

Balance in sport (2016)


Video on gender equality in sport, with facts and figures and interviews, created within the framework of the EU and COE joint project “Balance in sport” (2016)