The Consolidation phase will enable the target groups to take stock of their experiences, learn about the experimentation, and draw up decisions to be taken at national level on the relevant adaptation of policies and strategies.

This Phase is structured around three components:   

  • The finalisation of COMUS operational activities, the “wrapping up” of the project which involves: completion and cataloguing of previewed project outputs/documents, and; taking stock of the experience primarily through a process of (self-) evaluation.
  • Capitalisation. Presenting and disseminating the results of COMUS activity, reporting on the process of learning and implementation.  
  • Future perspective. The stimulation of ongoing application of the COMUS approach and roll out, transfer of good practice.
Updates Updates

a. Country package: templates and Consolidation Phase procedures

b. Communication: Web page ( including fact sheets, news, newsletters, postcards, short films, brochures, community based awareness raising activities

c. National Coordinators: Gohar Grigoryan (Armenia); Natalia Khvir (Belarus), Leila Tumanishvili (Georgia), Andrei Chistol (Republic of Moldova), Valentina Demian (Ukraine)

d. Project Officers: Sarhat Petrosyan (Armenia); Alla Stashkevich (Belarus), Rusudan Mirzikashvili (Georgia), Dumitrita Efremov (Republic of Moldova), Oleksandr Butsenko (Ukraine)

e. Lead Expert: Philip Stein

f. Steering Committee: Chiara Francini (DG NEAR, European Union); Hakan Shearer Demir (DGII, Council of Europe), Matthias Ripp (OWHC); Philip Stein (Lead Expert); Tim Williams (Technical Assistance, Eastern Partnership Programme); Gohar Grigoryan (Armenia); Natalia Khvir (Belarus), Leila Tumanishvili (Georgia), Andrei Chistol (Republic of Moldova), Valentina Demian (Ukraine)

Upcoming activities Upcoming activities
Activity Location Date

Self –evaluation / reflection sessions

COMUS pilot towns  January - March 2017
Compilation of COMUS town Portfolios COMUS pilot towns  January - March 2017
Launching of promotional films and brochures COMUS website and towns social media March 2017
6th workshop – Affordable housing and game-changing funding sources Sibiu, Romania  26-27 April 2017
COMUS final publication   June 2017
COMUS final event Strasbourg 28 June 2017