Communities: Borghesiana; Salviati 1-2; River; Candoni; Gordiani; Monachina; Castelromano; Arco di Travertino, Monte Mario (Rome); Scampia, Giugliano, Gianturco (Naples)

Launch event

  •  The JUSTROM2 launch event took place on 19 June 2018 at the 'Spazio Europa', at the Information Office of the European Parliament in Italy and the Representation of the European Commission in Italy.

Awareness-raising gatherings with Roma women

20 awareness-gatherings for Roma women are foreseen. These gatherings touch upon different topics of relevance to the target communities, such as the role of human rights institutions, domestic violence, discrimination, relevant services available, among others. They aim at informing and empowering Roma women to claim their rights and make use of existing services. 

  See here for more information on awarenes-raising gatherings

Trainings and Seminars

Seminar with Journalists and Free Legal Aid Lawyers from the Observatory on Poverty

19 July 2018 at the Ilaria Alpi-Carlo Levi School in Scampia, Naples

  • This seminar included Roma history, culture (CoE factsheets), problems, especially judicial and legal ones in Naples and Rome (i.e.statelessness, school drop-out, eviction) and UNAR, UNHCR and Justrom services
  • 18 participants in total, out of which 8 were women

Training for Lawyers and Prison Teachers from Regina Coeli Prison

8 October 2018 at the Regina Coeli Prison, Rome

  • Topics: human rights education, prohibition of discrimination and international standards

Seminars with legal professionals

30 October 2018 at the Regina Coeli Prison, Rome

  • Topics: protection of private and family life for migrants, in accordance with Article 8 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (ECHR)
  • 77 participants in total: 40 justice of peace; 10 members oft he Latium region's Tribunal; 27 lawyers

4 December 2018 at LIDU Onlus, Naples

  • Topics: History, Legal Status (including statelessness and EU Non-Discrimination legislation) and Access to Human Rights services
  • 19 lawyers in total, out of which 13 were women
  • Ms Maja BOVA


  • Mr Valerio MAIONE


  • Ms Giulia PERIN
Legal Assistants


  • Ms Margherita D'ANDREA


  • Mr Vito SAVASTA


  • Ms Argentina DRAGUTINOVIC


  • Ms Saska JOVANOVIC