Roma Women’s Access to Justice, or simply named JUSTROM3, is a Joint Programme between the European Union and the Council of Europe, with a focus on addressing multiple discrimination and improving access to justice of Roma women in four different countries.The third phase will run until August 2021 with specific objectives around 3 pillars. Read more about JUSTROM3.

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Info Day at the National Roma Agency Office

4 MAR 2020

Info Day at the National Roma Agency Office

Bucharest, Romania
Description of Event

The Info Day took place at the National Roma Agency office, where JUSTROM Bucharest team and 22 participants took part in the meeting. The participants were central and municipality civil servants, Roma women / Roma NGOs from Bucharest.

The meeting was opened with a presentation of JUSTROM3, including results of the previous phases of the programme. JUSTROM3 consultants presented their foreseen activities within the programme and municipality representatives presented interventions of positive responses to the access of Roma women and other vulnerable categories to justice and high trust of women to justice, the increased number of complains and a real reflection of the violence against (Roma) women.

Outcomes - the following proposals were recorded:

  • Introducing a syllabus related to non-discrimination and barriers of vulnerable groups in accessing justice into the curricula of the Superior Council of Magistrates;
  • Meeting of the Roma women with the National Council for Combating Discrimination in April/May 2020;
  • Meeting of the Roma women with the Ministry of Labour in April/May 2020;
  • Meeting of the Roma women with the Local Municipality (district 2);
  • Thematic roundtable with the Ministry Youth and Sport;
  • Free and permanent access to locations for different events /current JUSTROM activities at the Social Work Faculty in Bucharest.

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