Activities Activities

Communities: Stolipinovo and Sheker Mahala in Plovdiv, villages of Bolyartsi, towns of Peshtera, Rakovski, Asenovgrad; Veliko Tarnovo, Zlataritsa, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Rodina, Elena, Konstantin, Pavlikeni, Lyaskovets, Strajitsa.

Launch event

  •  The JUSTROM2 launch event took place on 11 June 2018 at the Office of the National Ombudsman of the Republic of Bulgaria
  •  Read about it here (in )

Awareness-raising gatherings with Roma women

20 awareness-gatherings for Roma women are foreseen. These gatherings touch upon different topics of relevance to the target communities, such as the role of human rights institutions, domestic violence, discrimination, relevant services available, among others. They aim at informing and empowering Roma women to claim their rights and make use of existing services. 

  See here for more information on awarenes-raising gatherings

Trainings and seminars

Training of police officers

On 19-21 November 2018, a training for police officers on non-discrimination, gender and Roma took place in Sofia. 16 police officers were trained (out of which 5 were women)

Seminars with Lawyers: 5 October 2018 at the Gender Alternatives Foundation, Plovdiv

  • This seminar was aimed at sensitising lawyers from the Plovdiv Bar Association on cases relevant to the Roma communities and Roma women in particular and the barriers in accessing justice. It provided the opportunity to share experiences among practitioners
  • 9 participants in total, out of which 7 were women

Trainings with Legal Aid Lawyers: 25 January, Sofia; 5 February in Veliko Tarnovo; 11 February in Plovdiv; and 12 February in Sliven

  • This training was aimed at sensitising lawyers from the free legal aid in Sofia about Roma communities and Roma women in particular and the barriers in accessing justice

Info days with municipalities

3 October 2018 at the Social Policy Department, Plovdiv Municipality

  • This session provided a chance for municipality representatives and people from the Roma community to meet and remove barriers between them. It also helped understand what problems are faced by the Roma community and how the municipality can be of help
  • 25 participants in total, out of which 21 were women
  • Ms Dilyana GITEVA
Lawyers Lawyers


  • Ms Milena KADIEVA

Veliko Tărnovo

  • Mr Ventsislav FOTI
Legal assistants Legal assistants


  • Ms Rada ELENKOVA

Veliko Tărnovo

  • Ms Teodora KRUMOVA
facilitators facilitators


  • Mitko MANOLOV

Veliko Tărnovo

  • Eleonora DIMITROVA