JUSTROM is a joint programme of the Council of Europe and European Commission aiming to improve the access to justice of Roma and Traveller women in Bulgaria, Greece, Ireland, Italy and Romania. As such, the programme aims to empower Roma and Traveller women to adequately address discrimination and other human rights violations committed against them, including early/forced marriage, trafficking, domestic violence, housing evictions, police abuse and hate crime by raising their awareness about discrimination, complaint mechanisms, the justice system and human rights institutions. It provides legal information, advice, aid and/or representation through setting up legal centres and thus further facilitate access to court and court proceedings at national and international level.

In addition, it aims to enhance the capacity of the judiciary, law enforcement in the application of anti-discrimination standards with a focus on multiple discrimination, gender equality and Roma and Traveller women. Not lastly, this programme will further increase the synergy and coherence between the institutional frameworks of the EU and Council of Europe, national Roma integration strategies and civil society initiatives.

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greece, 27 February - 2 march 2017

  • JUSTROM Training of trainers for police & Monitoring visits to Athens and Thessaloniki legal clinics

Italy, 20-22 february 2017

  • JUSTROM Monitoring visit in Rome and Naples legal clinics

Romania, 13-15 february 2017

  • JUSTROM Monitoring visit in Ialomita and Calarasi legal clinics

Romania, 19-20 December 2016

  • JUSTROM lawyers’ training in Bucharest

Greece, 15-16 December 2016

  • JUSTROM lawyers’ training in Athens

Italy, 5-6 December 2016

  • JUSTROM lawyers’ training in Naples