About the Partnership for Good Governance

The Partnership for Good Governance (PGG) projects, both country-specific and regional, were designed in close consultation with national stakeholders, in line with the Council of Europe’s country-specific action plans and the European Union's “Deliverables 2020 for the Eastern Partnership”, as well as association agreements where they have been signed.

The programme has two successive phases: PGG I (2015-2018) and PGG II (2019-2022). Since 2017, PGG has mainly focused on providing legal expertise and technical assistance in the field of judiciary and fight against corruption to help Eastern Partnership countries effectively implement domestic reforms and to bring them closer to Council of Europe standards in these areas.

The PGG provides support to the Eastern Partnership countries to help implement reforms in the field of judiciary and fight against corruption. It offers:

Assistance is provided through a variety of activities: legislative review, conferences, seminars, working groups, networking, analytical reports and training sessions led by the Council of Europe staff and international experts.

All PGG actions follow a human rights approach and address cross-cutting issues such as non-discrimination, gender mainstreaming, and ensure the inclusive involvement of civil society in the implementation of the PGG.