Discover all the audiovisual and communication materials on gender equality in sport of the “Balance in sport” (2016) and “All In” (2018-2019) projects and of the current “All In Plus” (2023-2025) project.


Directed by: Anne-Flore Marxer. Edited by:  Judith Emanuel


Interview with Charlotte Girard Fabre, Secretary General of the International Federation for Sport Officials (IFSO), Chair of the Consultative Committee of the Council of Europe's Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS)



EPAS Breakfast Roundtable on Sport officiating and gender equality – 8 March 2024, Strasbourg, France

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An initiative that teached young boys about gender equality and diversity. In 2018 “Locker Room Talk” reached 15 600 people in schools, clubs and open lectures.

It aimed to become a mainstream part of education in sports.


A training programme to encourage women to become sports leaders, organised by the Finnish National Olympic Committee (2-days training sessions).


A gender equality sports programme launched in 2005 by the Irish Government, which aimed to raise participation, leadership, coaching and visibility. A total budget of 20 millions € was invested.



Video on gender equality in sport, with facts and figures and interviews, created within the framework of the EU and COE joint project “Balance in sport” (2016)