The toolkit "how to make an impact on gender equality in sport All you need to know"

provides information, concrete tips, good-practice examples and strategies to put into practice a gender mainstreaming approach to achieve equality between women and men in sport.


  • Understand the extent of gender inequalities and differences in the sports world, the prevalence of gender-based violence and the added-value of moving towards gender equality in this area.
  • Design, implement, monitor and evaluate an action plan to achieve gender equality.
  • Understand what a gender mainstreaming strategy is.
  • Implement a gender mainstreaming approach in sport policies, programmes, actions and in sporting organisations (when devising a human-resources policy, organising sports events, developing a communication strategy, allocating funds, renovating a sport facility, etc.).

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“Step up the pace towards gender equality in sport

Some boxes can be adapted to individual countries’ particular contexts (national data on participation of women and men in sport, policies, programmes and guidelines on this topic, etc.). Feel free to customize it!

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