SP1 - Questionnaire/Annual Report 2016

Overview of current trends and emergent challenges at football matches in Europe

Within the scope of Sub-project 1, further analysis of the current situation of violence in football and other sport events in Europe will be carried out to identify the emerging challenges which have to be tackled. This sub-project is particularly valuable as there is no collated information currently available on this; therefore the collection of quantitative and reliable information via the NFIP network is unique, and the collection of the information will be published in an annual report.

The overview produced will be based on the following sources:

 Revised/updated questionnaire to the National Football Information Points (NFIPs) of all EU countries, and beyond, to gather information on the number of incidents at national level, the nature of the incidents, the emerging national challenges, etc. for the year 2016.

This overview will continue to identify countries where football/sport safety, security, supporters' violence currently pose particularly acute problems in Europe and will therefore be an important source of information to plan the future visits of the Standing Committee experts within the framework of the Compliance with Commitments project, as well as for possible follow up and technical assistance activities.

Within the Sub-project 1 the activities related to the coordination, planning and reporting activities of the entire project are included; these activities will be carried out by the project management and constant exchange of information (electronic, telephone, videoconference) will be carried out with partners and key stakeholders. Sub-project 1 will also cover the visibility of the entire project, publishing of the annual/season report 2016; as well as other visibility activities – website, press releases, brochures, social media, and interviews