Since August 2020 and the events which ensued after the presidential elections in the country, technical co-operation with Belarus authorities have been suspended in agreement with DG NEAR.

In the meantime, at its 1429th meeting on 17 March 2022, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe reiterated the condemnation of the active participation of Belarus in the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and decided to suspend all technical co-operation with Belarus but to enhance the Organisation’s relations with the Belarusian civil society and the opposition in exile, paying particular attention to the Belarusian youth, independent media and human rights defenders.

Similarly, the European Council stated in its Conclusions of 24 February 2022 that, as a result of the Russian military aggression against Ukraine and the involvement of Belarus, the European Union was further suspending planned and ongoing programmes and activities with the participation of Belarusian public authorities and state-owned enterprises, and that the European Union would continue to step up its support to Belarusian civil society.

Projects Factsheets


1. Countering money-laundering and terrorism financing in Belarus

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2. Implementation of judicial reform

Component 1: Strengthening the right to a fair trial in Belarusian criminal justice

Component 2: Supporting the civil justice reforms – strengthening the judicial system

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Results factsheets

  • Mid-term results - September 2020

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Partnership for Good Governance II

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Quick Responce Mechanism

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