First project phase (December 2011 - June 2013)


LPO for “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” promotes JP MIN on TV station “24 News”

Ohrid ("The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia") 6 February 2013

On 6 February, the Local Project Officer for "The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" was a guest speaker on a popular TV show "Integral" hosted by Mr Edin Hajdarpashic , at the TV station "24 Vesti" ("24 News"). The discussion was partly dedicated to the promotion of JP MIN. Our Local Project Officer has presented the main goals and objectives of the project, as well as the upcoming activities.

Some of the other topics of the conversation included: intercultural dialog within the country, disproportionality and non-functioning of the Ohrid Framework Agreement after the 2011 census failure, state reciprocity and bilateral agreements on improvement of minority rights, ethno cultural politics, racial discrimination and Islamophobia in Europe, diverse promotion of the minority rights as well as other issues related with national minorities and multiculturalism.



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