Economic integration of migrants and reducing gaps in access to rights

DELI, co-funded by the Council of Europe and the European Integration Fund, fosters more efficient local policies in support of migrant-owned SMEs and migrant entrepreneurship as part of wider diversity and inclusion policies.

The project is based on a partnership network of 10 cities, working towards systemic change in the economic integration of migrants and reducing gaps in access to rights.



Second Diversity and Economy Round table in Getxo

Getxo, Spain 25 February 2015

The Round Table participants met to discuss the results of the assessment conducted by the municipality among different local stakeholders to map and understand existing gaps and challenges in terms of support policies for migrant entrepreneurs and access of migrant suppliers to public procurement. The Round Table was also occasion to present the management standards – developed on the basis of the project findings - that represent a comprehensive set of policy requirements and principles to guide the conception and implementation of specific programmes in support of migrant entrepreneurs.

Agenda (in Spanish)

Presentations “Public Procurement” and “Socio Economic data” made by Ignacio Uriarte (GETXO Economic development and Employment Councillor) and Jose Rica (Technician, Getxolan).

The project aims to:

  • Support the development of local partnership platforms with a view to engaging local public and private actors in supporting migrant entrepreneurship at local level;
  • Facilitate access of migrant-owned SMEs to public and private procurement;
  • Develop quality management standards and assessment tools for local governments supporting the design and implementation of economic policies consistent with the principles of equal treatment, integration and diversity management.

Partner cities (click on the map)

DELI is part of the living together in diversity action strand of the Council of Europe and builds upon the knowledge base developed in the framework of the joint CoE/EU programme Intercultural Cities, as well as the projects INTI-Cities, DIVE and Supplier Diversity - developed by Migration Policy Group. Both the Council of Europe and Migration Policy Group share the responsibilities of the overall coordination and implementation of the project. 

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