Getxo Communication and Outreach Strategy


The main goal of communication and outreach is to raise awareness of the project activities in order to make DELI a successful and sustainable project in the city of Getxo. This will be carried out by using various communication channels and materials, but also by face to face information, roundtables, seminars and workshops.

Purpose of Communication and Outreach strategy

This document describes the Dissemination and Communication Plan to be adopted by Deli within the Getxo city and council. 

Its purpose is to formalize all communication actions planned in the framework of the project, to provide guidelines on the approach and to set out the key dates related to planned activities, to ensure that information is shared with appropriate audiences on a timely basis and by the most effective means.

More specifically, the objectives of the communication strategy are:

  • to establish and maintain mechanisms for effective and timely communication to the stakeholders involved and to the Getxo society in general
  • to inform stakeholders of the progress of the development and encourage interactions  between platform  stakeholders 
  • to coordinate all levels and types of communication in relation to DELI
  • to communicate and disseminate the knowledge produced by the project in Getxo and all relevant knowledge available at EU level
  • to exploit the results of the project after its lifetime

Guiding principles of the Communication and Marketing Strategy:

  • Communication processes must be clear and known to all members of DELI team in Getxo and all the stakeholders involve in the Getxo Partnership Platform;
  • Communication and dissemination must be purposeful and timely
  • Dissemination and communication must be open and honest;
  • In general, relevant information will be available on an open basis


Getxo City Council- DELI project will be responsible for the communication activities. Nevertheless, all stakeholders involved in the Getxo Partnership Platform will contribute to the implementation of all relative actions.

Communication levels

Getxo communication Strategy is divided into three strategic focus areas, so that the focus is based on where and when the effort of the communication and outreach is most needed and effective.  The strategic focus areas are: communication at local, regional, national (RECI) and European level.

Target Audience

The Communication Strategy contemplates activities and actions to attract the following big categories of target groups: migrants, migrant entrepreneurs, local and regional authorities, SMEs, large firms, trade unions, associations and other organizations related with migrants and/ or businesses, banks.. (all stakeholders included in the platform)

Communication messages

Getxo Council, together with the Council of Europe shall define the message or messages to be transmitted to the several target groups. An evident objective is to focus on positive achievements and the benefits they could bring in the field of migrant entrepreneurs. This requires clear agreement and careful coordination among all parties who may act as spokespersons or information sources related to DELI project within the Getxo Council. Inconsistent facts, figures, emphases and viewpoints are to be avoided at all costs.

Key messages to be transmitted:

  • What is the project about?
  • Aim of the project
  • Potential impact of the project
  • Who is involved in the project?
  • What are the project conferences, workshops and events?
  • Major developments
  • New organizations coming on-board: Getxo Partnership Platform
  • Key milestones of the project

Logo and graphical identity

Getxo Council will use the graphical and visual identity of the DELI project provided by the Council of Europe, this visual identity will coexist with the Getxo Council graphical identity.

Channels of dissemination

In order to reach out the above audiences, Getxo Council- DELI project will use a number of channels and will cooperate with other relevant local, national and international (if necessary) organizations, programmes and initiatives sharing similar objectives. The following channels will be used for dissemination of information on the implementation of the project activities and results: DELI project website, Getxo Council Immigration and interculturality website, mass media, mailing lists, LPP stakeholders, social networks (twitter).

Communication Tools

Project brochure

A brochure (e.g. A4 3 folded, double page) with an introduction to the project and contact information will be produce. It will be handed out at all events, and it can be downloaded from the project web site (3000 copies).

Getxo Council website

The part of the website that belongs to Getxolan website and also Immigration and interculturality Unit will present the different information produced about the DELI project.


A video of the DELI project and results will be done

Press- releases and other communication materials

Press releases per activity done within the project, newsletter (Getxo berry weekly, 33000 households), press conference, videos…   will be prepared in total during the whole project, announcing project objectives, initiatives, events and services and relevant achievements.
To ensure transparency of project activities, media will be informed about all project activities and will be invited to all project events, such as conferences, workshops, etc.



Getxo council- DELI project will hold two different roundtables

Seminars and workshops

Getxo council- DELI project will prepare seminars and workshops with the stakeholders of the Partnership Platform

Final Conference in Brussels

Prepared by the Council of Europe.

Networking activities

Since one of the main objectives of DELI is to create a Local Partnership Platforms, relative actions to promote it have to be undertaken to engage the number of stakeholders involved. .
Promotion of the LPP network will be done through all the available channels in the DELI project framework. All the communication tools above will be disseminated during the DELI events.


The Dissemination phases will also ensure the coherence of DELI project in Getxo, ensuring the transversal coherence of all project communication channels.

Measuring the Getxo DELI Communication and Outreach Strategy

Coordination with Getxo Council Communication Department

  • Press Note and Mass Media
  • Press Conference Organisation
  • Publication on  Getxoberri 
  • Publication on the Getxo Council web 
  • Publication on the Getxo Council Facebook
  • Radio
  • Promote the publication on other corporative web and/or public newspapers

External Communication

  • Brochure Dissemination
  • Getxo DELI Video 
  • Mailing to main agents (Getxo Partnership Platform)

General information

Imanol Landa, Mayor

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