2nd Engineering working group meeting

Vlasic 25 April 2014
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Working group for the development of qualification standard for the engineering subject filed held its second meeting on 25 April 2014 in Vlašić. On the interim meeting the working group finalized the document on the minimal elements that are necessary for Qualification Standard and delivered an analyses of topics in the  respective study programmes, their learning outcomes and/or content;  identified those that are in all study programmes (or similar), and organise them in groups and write range of ECTS.

The outcome of the working group meeting:

Engineering working group members

  • University Džemal Bijedić: Dragi Tiro
  • University Džemal Bijedić: Vahida Žujo
  • University of East Sarajevo: Prof.dr. Mitar Perušić
  • University of East Sarajevo: Prof.dr. Goran Tadić
  • International University of Sarajevo: Haris Gavranović
  • University of Mostar: MSc. Mladen Kustura
  • University of Zenica: Doc.dr. Edin Berberović
  • University of Zenica: Diana Ćubela
  • University of Bihać: Ifet Šišić,
  • University of Bihać: Atif Hodžić, doc. dr.
  • University of Banja Luka: Prof.dr. Jokanović Simo
  • University of Banja Luka: Mr. Grujić Bojana
  • University of Tuzla: Sandira Eljšan
  • University of Tuzla: Suad Halilčević
  • University of Tuzla: Prof. Izen Hajdarević
  • University of Sarajevo: Prof.dr. Majda Čohodar
  • University of Sarajevo: Doc.dr. Naida Ademovic

Strategic Development of Higher Education and qualifications standards in Bosnia and Herzegovina