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Comparative review of the procedural and institutional setup of the functioning of lawyers in Armenia, Georgia, Belarus, the Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine


Gender equality in the judiciary of Armenia: challenges and opportunities 

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Gender impact assessment - The judicial code of the Republic of Armenia and its derivative legal acts ​​​​​​​

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Gender mainstreaming on higher education: Checklist for law schools


Guide for developing a mentoring programme on Women's Access to Justice for legal professionals

 Armenian | Azerbaijani | Georgian | Romanian | Russian | Ukrainian

HELP Methodology Guidebook on Human Rights Training for Legal Professionals


Liability of Legal Persons for Corruption Offences


Opinion on the revised draft criminal code of the Republic of Armenia


Opinion on the revised draft criminal procedure code of the Republic of Armenia


Report of the online roundtable on “framework to measure access to justice including specific challenges facing women”

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Speak peace! Hate speech is not an option

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The administration and you


Women's access to justice: a Guide for Legal Practitioners

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