Seminar on trainer skills in combating discrimination in Ukraine

2-3 July 2021 Ukraine

In co-operation with the Legal Aid Coordination Centre, we organised a seminar for Legal Aid trainers on trainer skills in combating discrimination in Kyiv, Ukraine. The seminar was the last activity of a four-month training of trainers carried out by our project “Strengthening access to justice...

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Legal expertise service of the Armenian Cassation Court enhanced their skills on specific aspects of the application of the Convention standards

2 July 2021 Armenia

The seminar "Specific aspects of the application of Articles 5 and 6 of ECHR at the national level" was organised for the legal expertise service and judicial assistants of the Court of Cassation of Armenia. Participants improved their knowledge and skills: In the right to hear witnesses in...

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A new Criminal Procedure Code of Armenia adopted in line with Council of Europe expertise

2 July 2021 Armenia

On 30 June 2021, the Armenian Parliament adopted a new Criminal Procedure Code (CPC). The new criminal procedure legislation is a result of several years of complex legislative work of the Armenian authorities. The Council of Europe supported the preparation of the new Code with legal expertise....

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Interagency dialogue on transparency of beneficial ownership in Ukraine

1-2 July 2021 Ukraine

The Council of Europe national and international experts contributed to the conference on "Transparency of ultimate beneficial ownership: lessons and prospects", initiated by the State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine and attended by representatives of Ukrainian public authorities included...

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A Model Code of Conduct for all Public Servants in Armenia

30 June 2021 Armenia

The European Union-Council of Europe joint project, continues to support Armenian authorities in their efforts to establish solid corruption prevention systems in the country. The Corruption Prevention Commission of Armenia (CPC) is moving forward with the development of formalised general rules...

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Awareness-raising videos on combating hate speech in Armenia: Discrimination

This is one of the three awareness-raising videos prepared in co-operation with the with the Human Rights Defender of Armenia. These awareness-raising videos on combating hate speech have been prepared in the framework of the project “Strengthening the access to justice through non-judiciary...

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Supreme Court Judges of Georgia enhance their knowledge on economic crime adjudication

30 June 2021 Georgia

An online workshop on “Best practices of adjudication of money laundering and other economic crime cases” was organised together with the Supreme Court of Georgia for the judges of the Chamber of Criminal Cases of the Supreme Court of Georgia, with direct contribution from an international...

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Public seminar on the role of civil society in promoting equality, diversity and human rights in Azerbaijan

29 June 2021 Azerbaijan

The Council of Europe, in co-operation with the Equality Platform Azerbaijan, organised a public webinar on the role of civil society in promoting equality, diversity and human rights. The event targeted civil society organisations in Azerbaijan, but was also open to civil society actors from...

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Court management online training session in Azerbaijan

25 June 2021 Azerbaijan

An online training session for trainers on court management, in particular on the collection and analysis of judicial statistics, performance evaluation, measuring the quality of justice and case and time management was held on 23-25 June. The participants were judges and court presidents, court...

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Presentation of the Analysis on how CEPEJ methods can be applied on judicial statistics in Georgia

25 June 2021 Georgia

The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) organised an online seminar to present the analysis of existing data and statistical reporting processes to demonstrate the use of CEPEJ methods to guide and support policy and managerial capacity required for the creation of...

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