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Personal data protection in constitutional jurisdiction: tailored activities

22-23 April 2024 Kyiv, Ukraine

Two events dedicated to personal data protection in constitutional jurisdiction, were organised on 22 and 23 April 2024 in Kyiv, Ukraine in the framework of the EU/Council of Europe Partnership for Good Governance. The Round table held on 22 April focused on personal data protection in the case...

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Preliminary examination of individual constitutional complaints: working group discussion

19 April 2024 Kyiv, Ukraine

On 19 April 2024, a working group brought together staff of the Secretariat of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine to discuss the content and scope of the preliminary examination of applications to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine (filtration of the constitutional individual complaints) in...

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Advancing regional co-operation to bring forward equality reforms for the protection of LGBTI community


A regional peer exchange on tackling equality reforms and focusing on the protection of LGBTI persons, took place in Podgorica, Montenegro. Following the regional LGBTI conference on “Addressing the rising anti-gender movement” organised in Pristina“ in November 2023, the two-day event organised...

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Staff of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine trained on key elements of jurisdiction and interpretation of human rights

21 February 2024 Kyiv, Ukraine

On 21 February 2024, the Council of Europe held a workshop for the staff of the Secretariat and the Patronage Services of Judges of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine on the key elements of jurisdiction and interpretation of human rights by the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of...

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First Technical Project Committee Meeting of the PGG Project “Support to development of the constitutional justice in Ukraine”

19 February 2024 Kyiv, Ukraine

The project “Support to development of the constitutional justice in Ukraine” held its first technical project committee meeting on 19 February 2024 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Representatives of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine and the Council of Europe participated in the discussion. The meeting...

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New national studies on women's access to justice in the Eastern Partnership countries available

19 February 2024 Strasbourg, France

Policy-makers, judges, prosecutors, legal professionals, as well as representatives of academia and civil society can now benefit from updated national studies “Barriers, remedies and good practices on women’s access to justice” for Azerbaijan, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine. The...

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Ombudsperson staff in Ukraine trained on European anti-discrimination and hate speech standards

25 January 2024 Ukraine

The staff of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsperson) was trained on European anti-discrimination and hate speech standards through two online sessions held on 14 December 2023 and 25 January 2024. These activities were tailored to respond to the mandate of the...

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Young European Ambassadors sending a loud and clear message from Budapest: Say NO to hatred!

17-19 January 2023 Budapest, Hungary

More than 50 Young European Ambassadors (YEAs) got introduced to methods on how to effectively address hate speech and discrimination. This will enable the YEAs to make a difference in their communities through the promotion of equality and diversity, ultimately contributing to combating hate...

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Ukraine Police exchanges with peers on the role of law enforcement in preventing discrimination and promoting diversity

7 December 2023 Kyiv, Ukraine

A peer-to-peer workshop between the Portuguese and Ukrainian police was, organised on 7 December 2023, provided a platform for exchange of experiences on the prevention of discrimination and promotion of diversity in the remit of law enforcement work. At the opening, Erlend Falck, Deputy Head of...

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Creation of a law enforcement institutions and Civil Society Organisations network to tackle racism and discrimination

24-26 October 2023 Strasbourg, France

A network comprised of law enforcement institutions and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) from the Western Balkans and Eastern Partnership regions was launched on 24 October. The creation of this network aims to improve the response of law enforcement institutions to hatred and discrimination,...

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Combating discrimination and hate speech as law enforcement: a training for the National Police of Ukraine

4-5 October 2023 Kyiv, Ukraine

According to the Committee of Ministers: "member States should make available effective and targeted training programmes for all those involved in preventing and combating hate speech, including the members and staff of law-enforcement services, security forces, prosecution services, the...

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Building a common understanding of the hate speech phenomenon and data collection in Ukraine

22 September 2023 Ukraine

An online round table, first from a series of events planned, brought together more than 40 representatives of state institutions, civil society organisations and networks in Ukraine. The participants discussed challenges in defining hate speech, possible actors that should be involved with the...

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Young European Ambassadors in the forefront of the fight against hate speech

31 August 2023 Online

The new generation of the Young European Ambassadors continues to play a fundamental role in the fight against hate speech in the Western Balkan and the Eastern Partnership regions. In a series of online workshops, more than 50 Young Eurоpean Ambassadors completed the training programme on...

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New joint projects for Ukraine presented by the European Union and the Council of Europe under the third phase of the Partnership for Good Governance

27 June 2023 Kyiv

New projects aimed at countering economic crime and hate speech, promoting equality and non-discrimination, advancing women’s access to justice and combating violence against women, were presented on Tuesday 27 June, 2023, in Kyiv as part of the third phase of the joint EU/Council of Europe...

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Ensuring implementation of reforms in the antidiscrimination domain in Ukraine, in line with European standards

29-30 March 2023 Warsaw

Partners from Ukraine gathered together with the Council of Europe and the European Union, taking stock of the previous years of cooperation in the anti-discrimination domain and its results. The event also enabled discussions about the prospect of reforms in the field of combating discrimination...

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Planning ahead with Ukraine partners, to strengthen responses to discrimination and enhance societal cohesion in difficult times

8 December 2022 UKRAINE

Throughout the last years, the Council of Europe No Hate Speech and Co-operation Unit has been cooperating with various national stakeholders in Ukraine within the thematic area of combating discrimination, hate crime and hate speech, and protecting rights of national minorities. Since 2019, two...

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Promoting non-discrimination during wartime in Ukraine

31 August 2022 Ukraine

The joint project “Strengthening the access to justice through non-judiciary redress mechanisms for victims of discrimination, hate crime and hate speech in Eastern Partnership countries,” awarded two grants to civil society organisation in Ukraine in 2021. Their aim was to support victims of...

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Training for Ukrainian judges on seizure and confiscation ready to be rolled-out throughout the country

29 June 2022 Ukraine

In co-operation with the National School of Judges of Ukraine (NSJU), a training on seizure and confiscation for Ukrainian criminal judges, both from district and appellate courts, took place online on June 29 with over 85 participants. This training built on previous activities delivered jointly...

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Addressing hate speech through improving data collection in the Western Balkans and Eastern Partnership Region

3 June 2022 Eastern Partnership

The joint network of equality bodies working in the field of combatting hate speech delivered the first of the four planned workshops on “Addressing hate speech through improving data collection”. The activity aimed at ensuring a practical exchange between equality bodies/Ombudsperson...

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Speak peace, be the change!

In English   With Romanian subtitles     "Speak peace! Hate speech is not an option" explores the concepts of hate speech, its manifestations, its risks for human rights and democracies. This booklet was developed for any person, civil society organisations and others who feel the need to...

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