Two new publications on the Emerald Network out now

Yerevan, Armenia June 2015

In Georgia, a new brochure presents the Bern Convention and the Emerald Network, as well as how this ecological network is set up practically and what are the obligations it creates for the State Party. The EU Habitats and Birds Directives and the Natura 2000 Network are also presented, as Georgia has recently signed an Association Agreement with the EU, creating additional important legal obligations for the country regarding nature conservation.

In neighbouring Armenia, the national Emerald team published the first Emerald book of Armenia. The book presents all current Emerald Network sites in the country and describes the species and habitats they hold. The book is illustrated with breath-taking pictures of Armenian landscapes and a map presenting the Network in the country. The book is bilingual, Armenian-English, and is a useful tool for both large public interested in nature conservation, but also policy makers and stakeholders.

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