Activities implemented throughout 2014 aim at:

  1. Addressing remaining issues ahead of the initiation of Phase II of the Emerald Network constitution process, programmed for 2015 and 2016. Phase II consists of the scientific evaluation of the sufficiency of the proposed sites to ensure the long-term protection of the species and habitats of European importance

  2. Explaining and testing the methodology used for the biogeographical evaluation to the countries' national authorities, NGOs and academia;

  3. Involving further local authorities, local stakeholders and national NGOs in the Emerald process, in particular Birdlife International and Euroepan Habitats Forum parthners in the target countries.

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  1. Second project Steering Committee meeting: Strasbourg, 01 December 2014

July - November

  1. Preparatory Emerald Biogeographical Seminar for Belarus, Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation and Ukraine - Chisinau, 06-07 November
  1. Preparatory Emerald Biogeographical Seminar for Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia - Tbilisi, 23-24 October

March - June

One national event was organised in all target countries in Spring 2014:

  1. National Emerald Seminar, Republic of Moldova: 7-8 April
  2. National Emerald Seminar, Georgia: 24-25 April
  3. National Emerald Seminar, Azerbaijan: 28-29 April
  4. National Emerald Seminar, Russian Federation: 13-15 May
  5. National Emerald Seminar, Ukraine: 19 May (webconference)
  6. National Emerald Seminar, Armenia: 5-6 June
  7. National Emerald Seminar, Belarus: 5 June

January - February

The first two months of the year were dedicated to the evaluation of the newly submitted Emerald databases for 2013 by each target country. Taking into account the quality evaluation of these 2013 databases (by the project scientific experts), the terms of reference  for 2014 for each target country were negotiated and signed.



Iva Obretenova, Project Manager
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Tania Braulio, Project Assistant
Tel.: +33 388 41 23 02

Marc Roekaerts, Independent expert to the project