"Whoever has not seen Goris has not seen the world"; K. Orbelian, Armenian musician.

Goris, Armenia 10 June 2016
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The specific relief of Goris gave birth to a neighborhood in Soviet times, later known as “Avangard”. Overtime, residents discovered that the neighborhood has the birth nests' look and found a more specific name, calling it Tsti bner (bird nest). Here, houses have a status of apartment, lacking general entry and using neighboring houses roofs as balconies. Thus, the separated houses form an indissoluble whole, giving to the city its most colorful district, very appreciated by all.

''Bird nests'' district will take profit of the participation of Goris to the COMUS project, identifying and promoting architectural significance as well as contributing to development of the neighborhood as a new tourism destination.

''Whoever has not seen Goris has not seen the world''.

K. Orbelian, Armenian musician.