Roma Women’s Access to Justice, or simply named JUSTROM3, is a Joint Programme between the European Union and the Council of Europe, with a focus on addressing multiple discrimination and improving access to justice of Roma women in four different countries.

The third phase will run until the end of February 2022 with specific objectives around 3 pillars. 

 More about JUSTROM3

عودة Videos for the International Women’s Day

Videos for the International Women’s Day

Marking International Women’s Day, the Roma and Traveller Team of the Council of Europe publishes four videos showcasing women's empowerment resulting from the implementation of the Joint EU-CoE Programme: "Roma Women’s Access to Justice" – JUSTROM.

While this is a day to celebrate women’s achievements across the world, including of Roma women, it is also an opportunity to reaffirm commitment to gender equality and sensitivity to multiple discrimination and intersectionality.

You can access the videos below:

“Empowerment” (Greece)

“Portraits of Roma women” (Romania)

“Ways to empower” (Italy)

“We are here too” (Bulgaria)

Strasbourg, France 8 March 2022
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