Prison Reform Programme in BiH

Council of Europe Prison Reform Programme team in BiH welcomes you to its new web page where you can find relevant information about the Programme and other prison-related issues.

About the Prison Reform Programme in BiH

The Council of Europe Prison Reform Programme Team is currently implementing two complementary projects in parallel: Joint Programme with the European Union "Harmonisation of BiH sanctions policies and practices with European standards" and Voluntary Contribution with the US authorities "Support to prison staff training in Bosnia and Herzegovina".

The JP strives to improve the capacity of prison staff and management, promote the use of non-custodial sanctions, and strengthen the ability to provide suitable support for prisoners with special needs. The VC project is providing support to strengthen professional capacities of existing entity prisons and to improve prison management in accordance with European and other relevant international standards.

Synergy between the two projects results in cost efficiency, visibility and enhanced institutional knowledge on a larger scale. Both projects benefit from local expertise made available through the appointment of experienced prison professionals and senior policy makers in the Working Group established for each component of each project. Under the guidance of CoE experts, in the process facilitated by the programme team, local capacities are expected to benefit from further enhancement.


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