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Mobility of young people – Opportunities and obstacles for cross-border volunteering for young people, particularly with fewer opportunities

European Youth Centre, Strasbourg, 11-13 December 2011

The seminar was organized by the EU-CoE youth partnership with the aim to contribute to the work of both institutions in the field of cross-border voluntary activities of young people. Furthermore, it should serve to increase the understanding and constructive dialogue among researchers, policy-makers and practitioners on this topic, and it should have a particular focus on the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities in these activities.

The objectives of the seminar were:

  • To collect and present new research available on the topic of the cross-border mobility of young volunteers;
  • To entice exchange between researchers, practitioners and policy-makers
  • To produce recommendations that can feed into the EU and CoE discussions, whilst taking stock of previous events and their recommendations on this topic.


* Panel I: Obstacles and opportunities. Incentives and Disincentives


  • Anisa Ymeri (Forum for Free Thought/Albanian Corpus of Volunteers) presentation
  • Nelli Gishyan (Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia) presentation
  • Jutta Koenig-Georgiades, European Year of Volunteering 2011 Task Force, European Commission, Overview of the activities of the European Year of Volunteering presentation
Panel II: Learning opportunities and pedagogical challenges


  • Soren Kristensen (Free-lance researcher and reporter) presentation
  • Adélaide Trousselard (Dynamo International) presentation
Panel III: Rights and responsibilities
  • Ana Condrat (National Youth Council of Moldova, CNTM)
  • Nicolae Procopie ("Youth for the Right to Life" Association, Moldova) presentation
  • Esther Maestro (Cibervoluntarios) presentation

Presentation of activities of participating volunteers organisations

  • Fostering mobility of students with disabilities - Marco La Rosa - ESN presentation
  • LCEducational "Challenging Youth Society through volunteerism" Fiorentina Poulli presentation
Panel IV: Proposals for future developments in cross-border volunteering


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