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  • Office of Community Affairs (OCA) in the Prime Ministers cabinet: In principal agreed to co-finance small scale projects in 8 ROMACTED beneficiaries.
  • Ministry of Local Government Administration (MLGA): complementarity in capacitating the local administration i.e. principles of the good governance, Roma social inclusion, project cycle and etc.
  • Office of the Good Governance (OGG), with its director being the Roma National Contact Point, the synergy is related to the translation of the important CoE toolkit "Mirrors: Manual on combating antigypsyism through human rights education" into local languages with the purpose of creating a national debate on the antigypsism.
  • With Ministry of Education Science and Technology: cooperation related to Roma support to secondary education, namely support on enacting administrative instructions on affirmative action’s i.e. easier registration of the Roma children in secondary education, and support in having Roma language, culture, and history in the primary education for Roma children.
  • Ministry of Agriculture showed interest in potential cooperation with ROMACTED regarding the data/information on the Roma community that has been involved in agricultural work. This information would help the deputy minister to propose a review of the grant criteria on the agricultural projects that Roma families scarcely qualify for.
  • Deputy Minister of Communities and Returns has proposed if ROMACTED can assist capacitating Roma civil society with needed skills i.e. fundraising, reporting, project cycle management and etc.  In this regard, Community Needs Assessment will be analyzed and will be assessed if the same needs have emerged from the community as well.
  • GIZ: Possibility of complementarity on similar educational activities in 4 common beneficiary municipalities has been considered.
  • International Labor Organization (ILO) completed employment project with regards to Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities - ''Promoting Decent Work Opportunities for Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Youth in Kosovo”, and a Resource Guide “Promoting Decent Work Opportunities for Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Youth in Kosovo”. In this light, and on the occasion of the closing of the project, ROMACTED was invited to present community needs on employment, and have CAG and IWG members participate in the event.
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