Improving data collection on hate crimes in the Republic of Moldova

22, 23 and 29 February 2024 Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Throughout February 2024, the Council of Europe held three online information sessions on hate crimes for 82 operators of the Police database in the Republic of Moldova. They aimed to present and discuss the latest developments and practices on disaggregated data collection. An efficient...

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First Technical Project Committee Meeting of the PGG Project “Support to development of the constitutional justice in Ukraine”

19 February 2024 Kyiv, Ukraine

The project “Support to development of the constitutional justice in Ukraine” held its first technical project committee meeting on 19 February 2024 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Representatives of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine and the Council of Europe participated in the discussion. The meeting...

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The Council of Europe and the European Union support the introduction of a continuous legal education system for prosecutors in Georgia

23 February 2024 Georgia, Tbilisi

On February 23, 2024, the Council of Europe completed a series of capacity development activities for the General Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia to advance its internal training competences. As a result of the four rounds of training, 32 prosecutors gained knowledge about the basic principles,...

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New national studies on women's access to justice in the Eastern Partnership countries available

19 February 2024 Strasbourg, France

Policy-makers, judges, prosecutors, legal professionals, as well as representatives of academia and civil society can now benefit from updated national studies “Barriers, remedies and good practices on women’s access to justice” for Azerbaijan, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine. The...

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Ombudsperson staff in Ukraine trained on European anti-discrimination and hate speech standards

25 January 2024 Ukraine

The staff of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsperson) was trained on European anti-discrimination and hate speech standards through two online sessions held on 14 December 2023 and 25 January 2024. These activities were tailored to respond to the mandate of the...

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The European Union and the Council of Europe continue supporting domestic reforms on the path of EU integration for the Republic of Moldova through the Partnership for Good Governance

23 January 2024 Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

The European Union and the Council of Europe support the authorities of the Republic of Moldova in the implementation of domestic reforms of importance to the EU integration path of the country and to the benefit of its citizens. The second Local Steering Committee meeting in the Republic of...

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Exchange of experience on corruption risk assessment and management between Eastern Partnership countries

22-23 January 2024 Strasbourg, France

The Eastern Partnership countries have advanced substantially in regulating corruption risk assessment and management processes by designing internal tools and legislative frameworks. Though some countries use more advanced tools and have established clear mandates in this field, others have...

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Towards ensuring right to legal gender recognition in the Republic of Moldova

22 January 2024 Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

The Council of Europe facilitated a common platform for discussion between state authorities and civil society organisations from the LGBTI community, with a focus on ensuring the right to legal gender recognition to persons living in the Republic of Moldova, as well as on the related European...

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Young European Ambassadors sending a loud and clear message from Budapest: Say NO to hatred!

17-19 January 2023 Budapest, Hungary

More than 50 Young European Ambassadors (YEAs) got introduced to methods on how to effectively address hate speech and discrimination. This will enable the YEAs to make a difference in their communities through the promotion of equality and diversity, ultimately contributing to combating hate...

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Video spot on non-discrimination for legal professionals in the Republic of Moldova

16 January 2024 Republic of Moldova

A video that tackles through a practical example the difference between hate speech and an offence or an insult is now available online. The video analyses the circumstances for defining whether a discourse can amount to hate speech or not, in the light of six criteria, such as: context, status...

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Training on promoting equality and non-discrimination for civil society representatives in Azerbaijan

19-20 December 2023 Baku, Azerbaijan

Civil society representatives, young legal professionals and volunteers from Baku and three regions of Azerbaijan, were trained on standards and tools of the Council of Europe promoting equality and non-discrimination. This training, through a collaborative learning platform for interactive...

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137th Plenary session of the Venice Commission: New opinions prepared under the Quick Response Mechanism

18 December 2023 Venice, Italy

At its 137th plenary session (held on 15-16 December 2023), the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe adopted, among others: Armenia Joint opinion of the Venice Commission and the Directorate General of Human Rights and Rule of Law (DGI) of the Council of Europe on the Concept Paper...

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Annual Court Managers' Forum organised in Georgia

16-17 December 2023 Telavi, Georgia

The eighth annual Court Managers’ Forum was organised on 16-17 December, aiming at equipping court managers with practical and organisational skills, resulting to a more efficient court system in Georgia. The event was attended by 24 court managers from all the regions, and it serves as a...

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Raising awareness on combating violence against women among law-enforcement officials and judges in Azerbaijan

13-14 December 2023 Baku, Azerbajan

Police officers, judges, and representatives of local executive authorities in Azerrbaijan, participated in two sessions on international standards for combating violence against women and domestic violence especially looking at protection orders for victims. Protection order for victims of...

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Towards a nation-based definition of hate speech based on Council of Europe standards

13 December 2023 Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgian stakeholders with a role in combating hate speech took part in a clarificatory workshop on the definition of hate speech. The workshop aimed at initiating discussions among stakeholders about the importance of defining hate speech and incorporating it into the relevant codes of conduct...

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Improving the processing of cases of hate speech appearing in the media in the Republic of Moldova

12 December 2023 Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Monitors of the Audiovisual Council, the media national regulatory authority of the Republic of Moldova, improve their capacities on the application of a standard methodology for assessing and processing hate speech in audio-visual media through four practical training sessions. The sessions,...

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Judges and prosecutors in Armenia discussed various dimensions of criminal proceedings in absentia and confiscation of property of illicit origin

7-9 December 2023 Yerevan, Armenia

A series of discussions addressing crucial legal aspects related to criminal proceedings in absentia and the confiscation of property of illicit origin were held under the joint European Union and Council of Europe project “Support to the Justice Reform in Armenia”. In total, 90 specialists from...

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Legal professionals from Azerbaijan advocate for zero tolerance on domestic violence

9 December 2023 Baku, Azerbaijan

A group of 25 legal professionals in Azerbaijan convened in Baku for the café discussion "Zero tolerance to domestic violence in society". This event takes place during the "16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence" period, which runs from 25 November to 10 December every year. The event...

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Ukraine Police exchanges with peers on the role of law enforcement in preventing discrimination and promoting diversity

7 December 2023 Kyiv, Ukraine

A peer-to-peer workshop between the Portuguese and Ukrainian police was, organised on 7 December 2023, provided a platform for exchange of experiences on the prevention of discrimination and promotion of diversity in the remit of law enforcement work. At the opening, Erlend Falck, Deputy Head of...

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The Council of Europe supports the strengthening of capacities of representatives of Belarusian democratic forces and civil society on promoting equality and non-discrimination

4-5 December 2023 Strasbourg, France

A round-table on equality and non-discrimination, gathering representatives of Belarusian democratic forces and civil society, Council of Europe and European Union Delegation to the Council of Europe was held in Strasbourg on 4-5 December 2023. The aim of the activity was to discuss and review...

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