Retour Challenging misinformation: EQUIROM Programme empowers Romanian Media Professionals

In an era rife with misinformation and discriminatory narratives permeating media channels, the EQUIROM national team in Romania provided a unique opportunity for journalists and mass-media representatives, both from written and audio-visual platforms, to confront and enhance their professional skills through the EQUIROM training programme.
Bucharest, Romania 18.11.2023
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Challenging misinformation: EQUIROM Programme empowers Romanian Media Professionals


Conducted in collaboration with ActiveWatch and featuring distinguished speakers such as Mr Mircea Toma from the National Regulatory Authority, and Prof. Gelu Duminica, an influential figure in the Roma movement serving as the Executive Director of “Impreuna” Agency for Community Development Foundation and the National Council for Combating Discrimination, the two-day training course brought together several representatives from Romanian channels. The focus was on fostering meaningful dialogue among media professionals regarding the portrayal of the Roma community in Romanian mass-media.

Participants engaged in discussions and learning sessions aimed at equipping them with the necessary tools to combat the antigypsyism and hate speech prevalent in Romanian media. The training course also included an insightful update from the representative of the Department for Interethnic Relations, Ms Adriana Petraru, on recent developments in this domain.

The consensus among participants was clear: initiatives like these should be replicated more frequently and expansively across the country. Journalists often find themselves grappling with hate speech and antigypsyism without adequate training, making programmes like EQUIROM essential for fostering a more informed and responsible media landscape.


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