January – March

Inception phase: Quality check of the ecological and technical data delivered in 2011/12 for each site for all target countries

Signature of the Administrative Arrangements for 2013 with all target countries in January 2013. 


Project kick-off meeting (Kiev, 24-26 April 20013)

Discussion on the project objectives and the results of the data quality checks; discussion on ways for identifying additional possible Emerald sites in the target countries; exchange of ideas on Emerald management plans and reporting obligations; dialogue on conservation standards for future Emerald sites, in particular the ones which straddle borders

National Emerald Seminars:

  • 25 April - Ukraine More
  • 13-14 May - Republic of Moldova More
  • 22-23 May - Belarus More
  • 5-6 June - Azerbaijan More
  • 11-12 June - Georgia More
  • 25-26 June - Armenia More


1st Steering Committee, Strasbourg (France), 18 October 2013

Discussion on the project planning, achievements in the frame of the Administrative Arrangements signed with the target countries for 2013, financial and narrative reporting under the Administrative Arrangements for 2013



28/02/2015: Delivery of revised databases, based on the follow-up work during 2014 focussing on preparing the databases for the biogeographical seminars of 2015

28/02/2015: Submission of individual QA/QC reports on the completeness of the national Emerald databases in view of their evaluation  (for countries submitting a new database)

January/February 2015: Signature of the Administrative Arrangements for 2015 with all target countries. AAs to facilitate action from national Emerald teams and authorities in a follow-up to the preparatory biogeographical seminars:

  • (1) filling the gaps of sufficiency in the identification of potential sites;
  • (2) correcting inconsistencies in databases;
  • (3) transfer of data from old to new SDF/semi-automatical using the new Software;
  • (4) revision of database according to new Annex 1 of Res. 4 (if adopted)


Finalisation of specific guidelines on Emerald sites' management and reporting for Central and Eastern European countries and South Caucasus; submission to the Group of Experts on Ecological Networks & Standing Committee to the Bern Convention.

July- September



January JafrfrJanuary - February

Signature of the Administrative Arrangements for 2013 with all target countries in January 2013.

March - June

  1. National Emerald Seminar, Republic of Moldova: 7-8 April
  2. National Emerald Seminar, Georgia: 24-25 April
  3. National Emerald Seminar, Azerbaijan: 28-29 April
  4. National Emerald Seminar, Russian Federation: 13-15 May
  5. National Emerald Seminar, Ukraine: 19 May (webconference)
  6. National Emerald Seminar, Armenia: 5-6 June
  7. National Emerald Seminar, Belarus: 5 June

July - December

  1. Preparatory Emerald Biogeographical Seminar for Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia: Tbilisi, 23-24 October
  2. Preparatory Emerald Biogeographical Seminar for Belarus, Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation and Ukraine: Chisinau, 06-07 November
  3. 2nd project Steering Committee meeting: Strasbourg, 01 December


January - March

Signature of the Administrative Arrangements for 2016 with all target countries, January 2016

April - June

July - September

October - December

Final project event (4-5 October, Minsk, Belarus) for dissemination/awareness raising on project results and discussion of work ahead at national level on the designation of Emerald sites