Tackling hate speech can be a daunting task, do you ignore, report or engage? What is your message, who do you address and how? 

This online toolkit equips you with easy to use tools, checklists and resources. It will help you use counter and alternative narratives to promote human rights and democratic principles that push back against hate speech and discriminatory narratives.   

The toolkit takes a step-by-step approach. Already know what you need? Jump to it using the links inside the tools. 

Analyse: what is the best reaction to the hate speech?

The hate speech calculator will help you assess the severity of the hate speech incident, its potential to spread online and its damage to individuals and groups. Based on the results you will be better able to judge whether to ignore, push back or report the hate speech.

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Develop: human rights speech messages

Some hate speech requires a response: The human rights narrative builder tool allows you to define your arguments for human rights on a particular topic/issue. It helps you clarify your messages to push back against hate or to simply campaign for human rights online. 

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Communicate: how to share your message

The online tool-box will help you develop a communication strategy. It provides step by step guidelines and checklists to help you communicate online: What should you consider when drafting a communications strategy, where and how can you reach your target audience? 

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Last updated 26 July 2021