Back #SportSpreadsRespect takes a leap forward in the development of a joint campaign

@Council of Europe

@Council of Europe

A workshop dedicated to the design of the future campaign of the joint project “Combating hate speech in sport” took place on 21 and 22 June 2023 in Athens (Greece). Participants laid the groundwork for the campaign focusing on hate speech awareness and respect in sport.

The workshop was hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Sport of Greece, thanks to the support and involvement of George Mavrotas, Secretary General of Sport and Sasa Gkoufa, Head of the Department of Professional Sports Organisations of the Directorate of Professional Sport. 

The quality of the workshop was enriched by the interventions of Neda Ojdanic, State Secretary at the Ministry of Sports and Youth of Montenegro, the national coordinators of the partner countries participating in the project, and the #SportSpreadsRespect Ambassadors Aauri Laura Bokesa Abia, Evína Máltsi, Ioannis Melissanidis and Panos Triantafyllou.

During the workshop, the participants exchanged views and experiences, discussed the content of the campaign and target groups and proposed an action plan for implemention at the national and European level. Representatives of the Greek sports community were able to sdescribed and exchanged views on the challenges they face.

The "Combating Hate Speech in Sport" joint project is co-funded by the European Union and the Council of Europe and implemented by the Council of Europe.

Athens, Greece 20-22 June 2023
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