Back International Day of Sport for Development and Peace: Sport IS Respect



In antiquity, sport played a crucial role in promoting peace and diplomacy among civilizations. This is how the Olympic games were born: to stop war.  The Olympic Truce, a tradition dating back to the ancient Olympic Games in Greece is an example. The truce was declared before and during the Games, allowing safe passage for athletes, spectators, and officials traveling to and from Olympia. This temporary cessation of hostilities enabled individuals from warring city-states to participate in the Games without fear of conflict, promoting a sense of unity and mutual respect. Unfortunately, in contemporary times, violence and war are interrupting the games and destroy lives. 

Today, in the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, we stand to bring through sport peace, participation, mutual understanding and showing people that sport is not violence, but respect. 

Join the movement: #SportISRespect

Strasbourg, France 6 April 2024
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