28/02/2015: Delivery of revised databases, based on the follow-up work during 2014 focussing on preparing the databases for the biogeographical seminars of 2015

28/02/2015: Submission of individual QA/QC reports on the completeness of the national Emerald databases in view of their evaluation  (for countries submitting a new database)

January/February 2015: Signature of the Administrative Arrangements for 2015 with all target countries. AAs to facilitate action from national Emerald teams and authorities in a follow-up to the preparatory biogeographical seminars:

  • (1) filling the gaps of sufficiency in the identification of potential sites;
  • (2) correcting inconsistencies in databases;
  • (3) transfer of data from old to new SDF/semi-automatical using the new Software;
  • (4) revision of database according to new Annex 1 of Res. 4 (if adopted)


Finalisation of specific guidelines on Emerald sites' management and reporting for Central and Eastern European countries and South Caucasus; submission to the Group of Experts on Ecological Networks & Standing Committee to the Bern Convention.

July- September