As a member state of the Council of Europe Ukraine is committed to conducting comprehensive justice reform in order to bring the functioning of its justice system in line with European standards. Tangible progress in this area is also one of the conditions for closer association with the European Union.

As a tool for implementing the reform, the Ukrainian authorities have drawn up a Justice Sector Reform Strategy with an Action Plan.

The Project supports the Ukrainian endeavours for implementing the Justice Sector Reform Strategy and its Action Plan, especially by informing about the relevant standards set by Council of Europe conventions and monitoring bodies as well as by opinions of the Venice Commission and recommendations of the Committee of Ministers.

Co-funded by the EU and the Council of Europe and implemented by the latter, the Project cooperates closely with the EU Project “Support to Justice Sector Reform in Ukraine” ( Both projects continue until the end of 2016.




  • To give the Ukrainian justice sector stakeholders and the EU Project that assists them access to rapid and tailored expertise and advice on Council of Europe standards so that (a) conformity of the reform with Council of Europe standards is ensured, and (b) the targets and benchmarks for implementing the Justice Sector Reform Strategy and its Action Plan can be met.
  • To accompany the reform by capacity building of stakeholders’ staff in order to prepare them for new working methods.
  • To prepare reports on the advancement of the reform and possible delays, with analyses of the reasons for such delays, at regular intervals
  • To contribute to ensuring public information and debate with civil society on the justice sector reform with a view to achieving broad understanding of and support for the reform.



National partners                         

Ministry of Justice of Ukraine is the main partner. Other partners are:

Council of Judges

General Prosecutor’s Office

High Administrative Court

High Commercial Court

High Council of Justice

High Qualification Commission for Judges

High Specialized Court for Civil and Criminal Cases

Ministry of Internal Affairs

National Academy of Prosecutors

National Bar Association

National School of Judges

Ombudsperson’s Office

Presidential Administration

Security Service

Standing Committees of the Verkhovna Rada

State Court Administration

State Penitentiary Service

Supreme Court

Council of Europe
Office in Ukraine

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