For your rights, towards European standards: European Union and Council of Europe to continue supporting the reform process in Türkiye

5 December 2023 Ankara

The European Union and the Council of Europe will keep supporting authorities of Türkiye in their efforts to align with the European standards in crucial areas – rule of law, protection of human rights and democracy. The reforms in these areas are crucial for improving the lives of people of...

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Consultative meetings launched to enhance the use of mediation in Montenegro

6 December 2023 Budva

The value of alternative dispute resolution processes in enabling parties to achieve effective, consensual resolutions to their disputes is progressively being recognised in the judicial system in Montenegro. With the new and modern legal framework which was enforced in 2020, Montenegro has...

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Empowering media professionals: Workshop on enhancing reporting on gender-based violence in the media in North Macedonia

5 December 2023 Skopje

Gender-based violence is on the rise in North Macedonia and around twenty cases of femicide have been recorded since 2019. In four years, 17 criminal proceedings for femicide were initiated, in which 19 women were killed. Most of the victims suffered at the hands of their former or current...

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Prosecutorial institutions in Montenegro are developing the Communication Action Plan for 2024

4-5 December 2023 Budva

Supporting public trust and confidence in the prosecutorial service is a key function for state prosecutors. Media play a dominant role in the way judicial information is disclosed and therefore greatly contribute to shaping the public's perceptions and trust in the work of prosecution. With a...

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Sustaining progress: European Union and Council of Europe extend their commitment in Pristina to strengthen justice, fight discrimination and improve freedom of expression

30 November 2023 Pristina

The European Union and the Council of Europe have been providing tailor-made support to Kosovo* towards the advancement of strategic reforms in the areas of human rights and the rule of law and further alignment with relevant European standards. Thanks to the co-operation under the joint...

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Support to the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina with improving the human rights of LGBTI persons in line with European standards

28 November 2023 Bosnia and Herzegovina

At the 54th session, held on 27 July 2022, the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the proposal of the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina, adopted the Action Plan to improve the state of human rights and fundamental freedoms of LGBTI people in Bosnia...

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European Union and Council of Europe supporting women’s access to justice in Türkiye: International conference held in Ankara

27 November 2023 Ankara

An international conference in Ankara on 27 November brought together key representatives of the Union of Turkish Bar Associations, the Presidents of eight local bar associations (from Adıyaman, Malatya, Kahramanmaraş, Hatay, Sinop, Bilecik, Bursa, Tunceli) and representatives of the Council of...

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Јачање медијског плурализма: Кључни медијски актери у Србији поставили правац за истраживање информацијског поремећаја

27. новембар 2023. године Београд

Кроз подршку Европске уније и Савета Европе, кључни медијски актери у Србији су дискутовали и допринели будућем истраживању о информацијском поремећају. Ово је део њихових напора ка унапређењу медијског плурализма, борбе против дезинформација и заштити принципа слободе изражавања. Окупљањем...

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Social media literacy in schools discussed in Podgorica

27 November 2023 Podgorica

Around 30 teachers came together for a course on "Social media literacy as a key competence of democratic citizenship in schools" held on 25 November 2023 in Podgorica. The course aimed to address the critical role of social media literacy and how competences for democratic culture might...

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The National Commission on the fight against trafficking in North Macedonia and its Sub-group on child protection enhance their strategic planning

22 November 2023 Skopje

The National Commission on the fight against trafficking in human beings in North Macedonia and its Sub-group on child trafficking prevention successfully completed the preparation of their respective action and operational plans. It is expected that they will enhance compliance with the...

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Institutions of Montenegro send a strong message of zero tolerance of all forms of ill-treatment and impunity

23 November 2023 Budva

A roundtable, organised under the action “Enhancing human rights protection for detained and sentenced persons”, convened in Budva on 22 – 23 November, gathered key investigating bodies in Montenegro to identify systemic shortcomings and collaboratively explore optimal solutions for the...

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Albanian authorities assisted in the process of improving the draft-law on the establishment of Asset Recovery Office in Albania

30 November 2023 Tirana

The EU and Council of Europe joint Action against Economic Crime in Albania in close collaboration with the Ministry of Interior, is contributing to the improvement of the draft-law on the establishment of the Asset Recovery Office (ARO) in Albania in compliance with international and European...

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Belgian best practices for a sustainable management of shelters for victims of human trafficking shared with the anti-trafficking actors in North Macedonia

20-22 November 2023 Belgium

Providing shelter and psycho-social services to victims of human trafficking is a key to their mental stabilisation and successful resocialisation. The Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA) in its third monitoring report on North Macedonia tackled the challenges...

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Обезбеђена информатичка опрема институцијама и организацијама цивилног друштва за борбу против трговине људима у Србији

23. новембар 2023. године Београд

Заједнички пројекат Европске уније и Савета Европе „Јачање борбе против трговине људима у Србији“ донирао је лаптоп и десктоп рачунаре и штампаче Националној канцеларији за координацију борбе против трговине људима (Министарство унутрашњих послова), националном известиоцу за трговину људима...

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MEDIA ADVISORY: International conference on fostering women’s access to justice in Türkiye

21 November 2023 Ankara

An “International conference on women’s access to justice in Türkiye” will take place at the Av. Özdemir Özok Convention and Cultural Centre of the Union of Turkish Bar Associations in Ankara (Oğuzlar Mahallesi Barış Manço Caddesi Av. Özdemir Özok Sokak No:8 06520 Balgat/Çankaya) from 09:30 on...

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60. годишњица Уставног суда Републике Србије обележена у Београду

16. новембар 2023. Београд

Заједнички пројекат Европске уније и Савета Европе „Унапређивање заштите људских права у Србији“ пружио је подршку Уставном суду у обележавању 60 година рада Суда. Више од 100 учесника и учесница, међу којима су били представници/е уставних судова из целе Европе, судијa/суткиња Европског суда за...

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Од закона до праксе: Студија правног оквира Регулаторног тела Србије и усаглашавање са европским стандардима, објављена на српском и енглеском језику

20. новембар 2023. године Београд

Уз подршку Европске уније и Савета Европе, Регулаторном телу за електронске медије у Србији (РЕМ) достављена је анализа Директиве о аудио-визуелним медијским услугама (АВМСД), као и новим прописима ЕУ као што су Закон о дигиталним услугама и предложени Европски акт о слободи медија. Припрема за...

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Rehabilitation of violent extremist prisoners: practitioners from Western Balkans learn from the experience of Bosnia and Herzegovina

14-15 November 2023 Bosnia and Herzegovina

Representatives of the ministries of justice and prison administrations from Albania, Kosovo*, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia visited the High Security State Prison and the Centre for Social Welfare - Municipality Jajce in Bosnia and Herzegovina to exchange good practices in preparation...

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Non-governmental Organisations in the Western Balkans gather to address women’s access to justice, in line with European standards

17 November 2023 Western Balkans

Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) from the Western Balkans joined the Council of Europe teams working on gender equality, anti-discrimination, children’s rights and civil society to identify strategic areas and methods for local NGOs to interact with legal professionals on tackling barriers...

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A new cycle of the HELP course on anti-discrimination with the Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors in North Macedonia succesfully completed

17 November 2023 North Macedonia

After the success of the three HELP courses on anti-discrimination with lawyers and legal professionals and one HELP course on anti-discrimination with the Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors in both phases, the joint EU and Council of Europe Action Combating Hatred and Intolerance in North...

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