Back "Leave a Mark" caravan travelled to Kavadarci to engage youth for an equal society

Kavadarci 23 AUGUST
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The main square in Kavadarci was the main scene where the fifth of the series of events “Come and tell your story - Leave a mark” took place to raise awareness for an equal and diverse society. Representatives of the central and local government, met with youth but also local residents   to invite them to be more active and more involved through their own initiatives in shaping and changing the society free from discrimination. The activity combined successful and motivational personal stories from the guest speakers, as well as theatre plays, music and art were only some of the performances through which the caravan reached young people and the numerous visitors in Kavadarci.

The Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Jovanka Trenchevska joined the caravan in Kavadarci believing that such initiative will leave a positive mark on young people and women.

" In order to create, to dream, to shape and to have a future, we need to love, be happy and act with a lot of love. However, it also depends on how one sees happiness, and for me happiness is having a job you love.. I am happy to drink coffee with my childhood friends, I am happy when the whole family is at a holiday lunch, I am happy that today I am in Kavadarci..." said Trenchevska.

Deputy Prime Minister for good governance, Slavica Grkovska emphasied that “We should be fighters, not to give up, not to succumb to pressures, threats and any external influences, if we believe that what we are doing is sincere, honest, in function of everyone and for building a better society in which we live” -

The Ambassador of Germany, H.E. Petra Drexler shared part of her motivational story aimed at young people in  the audience. "When I was little, a ski jumper from my hometown won an Olympic gold. We were all incredibly proud, everyone wanted to ski. There was no second Olympic winner from my village. But sports success is part of the identity of all of us from the village. It is not about always achieving all your goals. It is important that they exist and that a person remembers his or hers origin", said Ambassador Drexler during the event that took place at the main square in Kavadarci.

The Mayor of Kavadarci Municipality, Dr. Mitko Janchev, shared his success story and gave advice to young people.

"We must be convinced that what we desire is within reach. That's the only way we'll get to it faster. Be persistent, be diligent and honest, that way through a lot of effort and love you will start living your dreams. Many things will be better, don't give up," said Janchev during the "Leave a Mark" event in Kavadarci."

In her address, Marija Andreeva, project manager from the Program Office of the Council of Europe in Skopje, emphasised that the European Union and the Council of Europe joint programme Horizontal Facility, will continue to support such activities aimed at strengthening and supporting equality and diversity fight against discrimination and hate speech. “Mutual respect and equality are the best marks we can leave behind in our society”, concluded Andreeva.

The series of public events “Join us and tell your story: Leave a mark” are implemented by the Institute for Good Governance and Euro-Atlantic Perspectives, in co-operation with the Ministry for Labour and Social Policy, with the support of the action “Combating hatred and intolerance in North Macedonia” as part of the joint EU and Council of Europe programme “Horizontal Facility for Western Balkans and Türkiye”.