Tunisian partners welcomed by the Armenian NPM in an intensive study visit

16-27 October 2017 Yerevan, Armenia

A two-week long study visit to the Armenian Human Rights Defender’s (HRD) Office was organised for two staff members of the Tunisian National Authority for the Prevention of Torture on 16-27 October in Yerevan (Armenia). The visit programme combining a series of meetings with practical...

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The Council of Europe takes stock of its cooperation with Morocco under the South Programme II

27 September 2017 Rabat, Morocco

The South Programme second meeting of the Bilateral Steering Committee for Morocco took place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in Rabat on 27 September 2017. The Committee comprising various ministry officials, representatives of relevant national institutions...

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Anti-corruption and integrity in the civil service at the focus of the 5th UniDem regional seminar

25-28 September 2017 Skhirat, Morocco

Within the framework of the South Programme II, experts from Algerian, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, and Palestine* took part in the 5th UniDem regional seminar which was held in Skhirat (Morocco) from 25 to 28 September 2017. The UniDem Med Campus (University for Democracy) is a forum that brings...

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International conference on transnational organised crime and terrorism

21-22 September 2017 Malaga, Spain

The Council of Europe “International Conference on Terrorism and Organised Crime” held on 21-22 September in Malaga (Spain) brought together Algerian, Jordanian, Israeli and Moroccan officials with representatives of member States’ authorities, international organisations and policy-makers for a...

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Fight against corruption: Jordanian officials on a study visit to Copenhagen

headline 20-21 September 2017 Copenhagen, Denmark

A delegation from the Jordanian Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission (JIACC) took part in a study visit to Copenhagen on 20-21 September 2017. The visit aimed at providing the Jordanian partners with the opportunity to share good practices and establish networks with the Danish homologue...

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Tunisia and Morocco: Developing the NPMs’ capacity to monitor human rights violations in psychiatric hospitals

11-13 September 2017 Tunis, Tunisia

From 11 to 13 September 2017, the Council of Europe delivered in Tunis a training session on visits to mental health care institutions for the Tunisian and the future Moroccan National Preventive Mechanisms (NPM) against torture. The sixteen staff of the Tunisian National Authority for the...

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MPs of Southern Mediterranean partners discuss the role of diaspora in building inclusive societies

7-8 September 2017 Lisbon, Portugal

Representatives of the parliaments of Algeria, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia and Palestine* joined members of European parliaments (MP) in the launching of the Parliamentary Network on Diaspora Policies organised by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) on 7-8 September...

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Morocco takes part in the Civic Roundtable on forced migration and asylum

headline 10-11 July 2017 Strasbourg

Forced migration and asylum were the focus of the second edition of the Civil Roundtable, held on 10-11 July 2017 in Strasbourg. This is a forum which brings together young leaders from different European countries and alumni of the Council of Europe Network of Schools of Political Studies (SPS)...

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SNAC 2 trains Jordanian and Palestinian officials on offshore money laundering

10-12 July 2017 Strasbourg

The South Neighbourhood Anti-corruption Project (SNAC 2) trained 15 Palestinian and 5 Jordanian officials from the anti-corruption bodies and financial intelligence units on the financial investigation of offshore structures at a regional workshop held in Strasbourg on 10-12 July. The course used...

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Needs assessment mission and workshop on sequencing of anti-corruption priorities in Tunisia

6-7, 11 July 2017 Tunis, Tunisia

Experts from the South Neighbourhood Anti-corruption Project (SNAC 2) conducted a scoping mission to Tunisia on 6-7 July 2017 to identify priority areas for possible future cooperation which will ensure the sustainability of actions pursued so far. The mission highlighted needs for continued work...

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