Project of the Vocational Secondary School “Safet Krupić”
Inclusion for all

Specific project’s objectives:
  • To develope existing inclusive practice and culture in school by educating and involving parents, pupils and teachers in organized trainings and workshops
  • To improve access and working conditions in the school for all pupils and staff by adapting and equipping one classroom with modern teaching aids for better realization of teaching process.
Project’s main activities:
Three day training for 55 teachers “Equal respect for all”

Trainings will be held in cooperation with experts in the field of inclusion, experienced secondary vocational training teachers from the Institute for the education of children and youth with disabilities in Tuzla and Pedagogical Institute Una - Sana Canton.

Topics of the trainings are:

  • - Inclusion in education – Inclusion in society;
  • - Assessment of pupils’ individual abilities – How to develop Individual Educational Plan?
  • - Increasing pupils participation in the school community
Three fifteen day courses titled “IT literacy”

Increasing the level of IT literacy leads to more positive attitudes toward technology uses. Using technology supports lifelong learning, collaboration and productivity. These courses are for:

  • - 30 pupils (15-19 years) with special educational needs and pupils from socially disadvantaged families;
  • - parents of the pupils
  • - 30 school staff members.

IT course for pupils

Workshops and lecturesvia custom curricula of computer science will enable pupils to

  • - use basic applications in text processing,
  • - use a computer as a tool for learning, acquire skills for the business application of computers,
  • - develop the ability to work independently,
  • - develop the need to work in groups,
  • - get to know the equipment,
  • - acquire the ability to use ready-made applications, and create the need for further learning and upgrading the knowledge.

IT course for parents

The main purpose is:

  • - to encourage parents to gain skills for computer work,
  • - to develop the ability to work independently,
  • - to pursue a need for further learning and upgrading the knowledge
  • - to use the computer as a tool and help with the learning of their children.

IT training for teachers

The 15 day course will train teacher to:

  • - use an e-mail and Internet access tools;
  • - acquire skills for using public libraries and network resources;
  • - develop the ability to work independently;
  • - develop the need to work in groups;
  • - pursue a need for further learning and upgrading the knowledge;
  • - using new technologies and communication in everyday teaching practice.
Project’s target groups
  • Direct beneficiaries:
    • - 30 pupils - from socially disadvantaged families and pupils with special educational needs,
    • - 30 teachers, pedagogue, director, librarian, professors of general subjects,  professors of professional and theoretical subjects and practical teaching for mechanical, wood, forestry and textile orientation
    • - 30 parents (parents of pupils with special educational needs and socially disadvantaged families)
  • Indirect beneficiaries all other school pupils,  staff and teachers and the parents of all pupils in the school