Project of the Vocational Secondary School  “Gospodarska škola”:
Tolerance – that’s our style!

Specific project’s objectives:
  • To improve inclusive practice in classrooms with pupils with special education needs
  • To strengthen Inclusive practice among pupils in the school
  • To improve cooperation between head of class (teacher) and parents of pupils with special education needs
  • To develop pupils awareness of the value of the tolerance
Project’s main activities:
Activities for pupils
  • Two new extracurricular activities :
    • - Tolerance, yes - that’s my style!
    • - Roma traditional clothing
  • Equipping the corner for pupils to spend their leisure time
  • Participation in International Roma day event
  • Participation in workshops for pupils
  • Participation in extracurricular activities
Activities for teachers:
  • Workshops for teachers
  • Specialized training for teachers on Roma culture, customs, language, as well as on inclusive practices in work with pupils with special educational needs
  • Equipping the corner for pupils to spend their leisure time
  • Teachers will visit and   personally meet Roma families, tell them about project activities and help those families with useful gifts
  • Organization of the International Roma day event
  • Organizing and conducting workshops for pupils
  • Organizing and attending workshops for teachers
  • Attending a course on Croatian sign language. The course is conducted by the Croatian Association of Deafblind “DODIR”.  The first degree course lasts for two semesters. Classes are organized once a week. Three teachers from Gospodarska škola will attend a seminar. Teachers attending the seminar will be from different educational sectors.
  • Developing and leading two new extracurricular activities („Tolerance, yes - that’s my style!” and  “ Roma traditional clothing”)
Activities for parents are:
  • Visit to Roma families
  • Participation in International Roma day event
  • Informing Parents council about projects activities
Activities for local community:
  • Attending an  International Roma day event
  • Helping teachers organize visit to Roma families
Project’s target groups
  • Direct beneficiaries:  30 pupils of Roma nationality and 25 pupils with special education needs attending the School, 6 members of the project team and all 77 teachers
  • Indirect beneficiaries: all the  pupils (551 ), families of pupils of Roma nationality and  pupils with disabilities (30 family members), local community (500 people)