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Project of the Vocational Secondary school “Abdyl Frashëri”:
Rise and awareness of community for development and inclusive education

Project specific objectives:
  • To rise and stimulate pupils for enrollment in vocational schools and training of existing pupils in professional development
  • To raise awareness for human and child rights within and outside the school.
Project’s main activities:
Trainings for teachers on human/child rights
  • Participants: at least 30 teachers will be selected, what will mark the beginning of the project’s implementation
  • Goal: This training program will focus on developing the capacity of teachers to seed the values of human/child rights in the new generation.
  • Lecturers: Kosovar Association for Human/Child Rights will deliver this seminar under the supervision of Ministry of education Science and Technology who has Teacher’s Development Unit and the catalogue of accredited and licensed training programs for teachers.
  • Duration: Four days seminar
Workshops for pupils: practical work on learning methods
  • Participants: all pupils of the school and around 30 pupils from other schools, i.e. community,  marginalized groups and families who have children with special needs
  • Goal of the training: increasing children’s capacities on learning different type of foods in direct work. The idea is not only to learn how to prepare types of food but also for children to socialize with each other and  give opportunity to each pupils to feel important and valuable to the society
  • Location: the school.
  • Media invitation: The school will issue an announcement for daily newspapers, TV and radio in order to invite interested pupils to this training.
  • Documenting the workshop: Pupils will design and produce a brochure containing all activities done through the workshops. They will also film activities and prepare a CD.
Project’s target groups
  • Direct beneficiaries:  at least 30 teachers who will attend trainings for human/child rights, approximatly 500 pupils of the school, 30 children from community, vulnerable and marginalize group.
  • Indirect beneficiaries: At least 300 families will be aware of the rights of their children.