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Projects' implementing partner Network of Education Policy Centers with great pleasure announces:

NEPC Summer School 2014

Project implementing partner Network of Education Policy Cenres announces Summer School Inclusive school – Foundation of a Socially Just Society. NEPC Summer School will be held 29 June - 05 July in Jahorina, and is an annual learning event intended for Policy Makers & Implementers at national and regional level, Researchers, Education Specialists and Graduate Students in education policy from...

Teachers building a vision of inclusive education

“Where we want to go and what we want to achieve in inclusive education” is the topic to be discussed by two regional meetings of teachers in Skopje at the end of June and in Tirana in early July. Members of the inclusive TeacherNet will attend the two-day workshops to hear the results of the mapping study on teacher training in inclusive education and to give their feedback on the findings.

First VET working group to be held in Turin in June

The first meeting of the policy working group on Vocational Education and Training (VET) will take place at the headquarters of the European Training Foundation (ETF) in Turin, Italy on the 16th & 17th June. The thematic (cross beneficiary) policy meeting of the Regional Inclusive PolicyNet includes members from 7 Beneficiaries of the Joint EU/CoE Project “Regional Support for Inclusive...
Support to Pilot Schools for implementing inclusive education policies and practices

Focus Groups Set-up Basis for Projects on Inclusive Education

In each of the 49 pilot schools the country organizations from the NEPC platform organized and conducted 4 focus groups in order to provide evidence for a more targeted and needs-based support for the creation of the school development plan and development of school projects.

Every change starts with a single step

Seven school teams from South Eastern Europe embarked on a journey to meet colleagues from schools in Germany, France, Belgium and Luxemburg (Grande Region), during March 16 – 21, 2014.

The professional image and ethos of teachers

21 teachers from pilot schools of the Joint EU/CoE Project “Regional Support for Inclusive Education” attended the second Janusz-Korczak Seminar “Children at the Centre of Education” on 23 April 2014 and Pestalozzi Conference “The professional image and ethos of teachers” that took place in Strasbourg on 24-25 April 2014.

Regional cooperation - major strength of improving inclusive education

How can we help a child with difficulties if there is lack of trained teachers? Or, if they are excluded from education. Or their disabilities are not properly identified? Exactly these questions are in the focus of the Project Regional Support for Inclusive Education being implemented in South East Europe. As a visiting professor at the Palacky University in Czech Republic, dr. Ognen Spasovski...

Preliminary results from the baseline survey across the 49 pilot schools

A team of researchers have now completed the two month baseline survey in the 49 pilot schools participating in the project. The survey was designed to capture the views of various stakeholders on the perceived degree of inclusiveness of the schools.
The Project baseline survey advancing

How inclusive is our school?

The forty-nine pilot schools across the South East Europe region were involved in a large sample survey that mapped the perception and status of inclusiveness in the school. The survey instrument combined an adaptation of Index for Inclusion (Booth & Ainscow, 2002) and social inclusion research tools previously used in ETF research.

Study visit brings best inclusion practice

‘Schools should adjust to children and not children to schools'. This is the clear message from the EU member states, according to participants from South East Europe speaking about their first study trip to the Grand Region. "This study trip brought knowledge, and knowledge makes us understand the world", said Azra Kardović, from the Montenegrin Primary school "Mustafa Pećanin" in Rožaje.

Constructive Debate on Policy Issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Bosnia and Herzegovina Policy Team have identified issues and challenges in inclusive education areas that are relevant for their country. These include teacher education, both in-service and pre service; clear definition of stakeholder responsibilities and quality standards; better connection of education with the labour market; change in curricula and an increase in general public...

Croatian Policy Team identifies challenges to inclusive education

20th February 2014 Zagreb
The Croatian Policy Team have outlined the issues and challenges of inclusive education in Croatia as part of the preparation for the Policy Net meeting in Sarajevo. The discussion included the following topics relevant to Croatia:

Montenegro Team Calls for Better Teacher Training in Inclusive Education

26th February
In February the Montenegro Policy Team went through an intensive consultation process to identify issues and challenges in inclusive education relevant to their country. As a result actions were proposed leading to a list of topics per level and type of education to be shared at the first Regional PolicyNet meeting on 6th March in Sarajevo. These actions include: a clear definition of...
Teachers can make a difference

Policy team for Inclusive Education met in Pristina

28th February Pristina
An exceptional teacher can make a difference and inspire generations in the practice of inclusive education. This was the conclusion from the Policy team meeting for Inclusive Education, held in Pristina (Kosovo*), on 28th February. The discussion about gaps in inclusive education policy triggered participants to look back on their lifetime experiences and discuss how this issue impacts daily...

Policy team in Skopje discusses challenges and issues facing inclusive education

At its meeting in February, the Policy team for “the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” worked on identification of issues and challenges in inclusive policies and discussed cross-themes related to levels and types of education.

Day to day support to schools

Support to the pilot schools to help them develop inclusive cultures, policies and practices is getting underway. The Network of Educational Policy Centres (NEPC) will be the local partner providing this support in each beneficiary.

Albanian Policy Team discusses policy issues on inclusion

11th February Tirana
The Albanian Policy Team have identified specific areas relevant for their country. These include legislation, clear definition of stakeholder responsibilities and quality standards; quality of initial and in-service teacher training; mentorship and support during teaching; common understanding of concepts and the role of data in decision-making on inclusive education.

Teachers from TeacherNet and SchoolNet to attend Pestalozzi Conference

Teachers from the Project networks will benefit from attending the Conference organised in close partnership with the Pestalozzi Programme of the Council of Europe and the Education and Culture Commission of the Conference of International non-governmental organisations at the Council of Europe and other partners.

Challenges and issues for beneficiaries highlighted

At the meeting in Belgrade in early February, the interconnectedness of the challenges faced at all levels of education was highlighted. The team prepared a list of priorities in Serbia related to evidence-based policy development, initial and in-service teacher education, lack of support to teachers in inclusive classrooms and poor inter-sector cooperation, support to parents and social...

Inclusive PolicyNet to be launched in Sarajevo on 6th March

The First Regional PolicyNet meeting for the Joint EU/CoE Project “Regional Support for Inclusive Education” will be held in Hotel Evropa, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina on 6th March. This regional meeting will foster dialogue on inclusion in education among policymakers and other education professionals from South East Europe; to explore existing inclusive education practices with regard to...
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